Supercharging Anchor’s Liquidations : TerraDefi’s Roadmap

By AzoyaLabs | TerraDefi | 21 Apr 2022

AzoyaLabs is pleased to announce the release of our Roadmap for TerraDefi, our liquidation dashboard for the Anchor protocol.  
We have some great features incoming with you, our fellow liquidator, in mind!  

- aUST bids   

Liquidations can be infrequent, we want our users money to keep working for them while waiting for the right timing.   With aUST bids this becomes reality: your money never sleeps while remaining on the lookout for the best bidding opportunities.    

- Wider range of Assets     

The Anchor team is hard at work adding new assets on their protocol, and so are we! As soon as an asset becomes available on Anchor, you'll be able to access it through our dashboard at TerraDefi!    

- Continued Media Outreach     

Growing the community is one of the pillars of a successful project. A great product is not enough: we need to get the word out. We understand this, and currently reach out on 9 platforms, including Loop, Medium and Twitter, with more incoming!    

- Improve User Experience     

We are always working on simplifying and improving your experience with our products. One such improvement is the provision of Real Time liquidation notifications on Twitter. Are liquidations happening? You'll be notified.    

- Crosschain Support     

The Terra blockchain and the Anchor Protocol provide some of the best technology there is in the Cryptocurrency Universe, and recent project launches have shown the existing great appetite for crosschain investments. With TerraDefi you'll be able to post liquidation bids from other blockchains, such as Ethereum, Avalanche or Binance Smart Chain.    

There is much more to come for TerraDefi! We are very excited about all the upcoming features and we hope you are too! You can track roadmap progress on our website or by following us on Twitter    

TerraDefi's planned roadmap      


About TerraDefi
TerraDefi is a liquidation dashboard for the Anchor Protocol on the Terra Blockchain. We provide batch-bidding, convenient bid tracking and reduced fees for users.  

About AzoyaLabs   
AzoyaLabs is a Terra Blockchain-focused company, intent on building innovative Defi, NFT and Gaming products for the Web3.

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