Cyber War Map

You must to see this map with live cyber attacks - Protect your coins!

By Tech Start XYZ | techstartxyz | 14 Feb 2020

Tool developed by Kaspersky allows you to see cyber attacks live

Have you ever been curious to see which countries are experiencing cyber attacks right now?

Which country is first in the ranking of infections? All of this information seems to be complicated and difficult to see with the naked eye, doesn't it?

However, this Kaspersky tool allows ordinary users to observe the Cyber War map in real time.

All information is obtained through Kaspersky's own network that monitors infections detected by its products 24 hours a day. As a result, it displays this data on an interactive map.

To be able to track all this information you must first access the Kaspersky Cybertreath Real-Time Map website.

When accessing the site you will come across a globe similar to Google Earth. There you can rotate and see all the other countries.

Kaspersky Cyber Attack Map

You can filter the type of attack by clicking on the icons below the globe, as a result the map will automatically change displaying according to your filter.

As you browse the globe, you can track statistics generated from threat analysis.

This website developed by Kaspersky is an incredible tool that above all alerts us about the number and seriousness of cyber attacks around the world.

Ok, what this map really show to us?

Through it we can see that the number of cyber attacks is gigantic. Criminals have invested time and money to create new tools capable of stealing data and money, including cryptocurrencies.

So stay tuned, protect your wallet, always use a reliable antivirus solution and keep backups in separate locations.

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