Study finds Brave to be the most private browser
Brave Browser focus on privacy

Study finds Brave to be the most private browser

By Tech Start XYZ | techstartxyz | 31 Mar 2020

Brave Browser was elected after a study as the most private internet browser on the market, beating its competitors like Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

Certainly users looking for a more private internet browser option may consider Brave Browser to be an excellent option.

According to a study carried out by Professor Douglas Leith, where he examined 6 of the most used browsers on the market, he demonstrated that the Brave Browser is the least able to reveal user identification information.

Among the tested browsers were: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Yandex and of course Brave. The professor who is a privacy expert conducted a series of tests to generate his report.

During the tests, the behavior of each browser during use and in idle mode was analyzed. Therefore data such as network traffic, IP addresses and form of navigation were taken into account during the tests.

"In summary, based on our measurements, we found that browsers fall into three distinct groups from this perspective of privacy," said Professor Leith.

As a result of this classification, Brave Browser won the first place in the group, Chrome, Firefox and Safari the second and in the third group, Edge and Yandex.

We clearly know that Firefox is always addressing the issue of privacy, however that did not guarantee that he would be in the first group.

A little more about the Brave Browser

As revealed in his report: "Privacy of Web browsers: what browsers say when they call home". Brave Browser is the browser that least reveals information about its users.

Therefore, no mechanisms were found that could reveal activities or pages visited with the company's servers.

This is certainly a point to be considered when choosing an internet browser, and nowadays privacy is a very important issue.

Chrome, Firefox and Safari…

As expected, mechanisms were identified within these browsers that shared information about the use of the browser.

Among the information were pages visited, reinstallation and even restarting the browser. That is, they basically reveal everything!

Privacy Browser

In addition, the automatic filling feature ends up sending information from the pages visited by users to the servers of these companies.

To summarize the whole story, the default configuration that comes with these browsers does not help at all in terms of user privacy. Features that come by default in the browsers mentioned above can easily reveal user data, which is not the case in Brave Browser.

Information about Edge and Yandex is not good.

In the third group are Edge and Yandex, which were considered the least private browsers on the market. That's because both browsers even use information from users' hardware to identify them.

Furthermore, according to the study by the professor, Yandex also captures the hash of the hardware serial number and MAC address of its users.

Not to mention the information of pages visited and other browsing habits of its users.

Conclusion on Brave Browser

When we talk about privacy, can we think that we have nothing to hide perhaps? But these days information is worth money.

And knowing this, companies end up using several methods to be able to track their users.

Therefore, having a good internet browser that guarantees your privacy is essential today.

The search result presented Brave Browser as the best choice when it comes to privacy.

So, if you want to test the browser you can download Brave Browser and enjoy a more secure and private internet.

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