Is it really worth switching from Chrome to Brave? Honest opinion ...
Is it really worth switching from Chrome to Brave?

Is it really worth switching from Chrome to Brave? Honest opinion ...

By Tech Start XYZ | techstartxyz | 18 Jun 2020

Without a doubt this has been the question of many users, so we must first understand the main differences between Chrome and Brave.

But before we start to enumerate these differences, we need to keep in mind that both browsers have the same basis as Chromium, which is an open source web browser project developed by Google.

However, Chrome and Brave are quite different, with totally different proposals from each other.

Remembering that this article is not to say that one browser is bad and another is better!

However, the main objective of this publication is to show that if you are looking for a more private browser, there is a solution.

Without further ado, let's get to it, is it worth switching from Chrome to Brave?

Google Chrome vs Brave, security, usability, speed and privacy

I've always been a Google Chrome user, however something that has always worried me is the issue of tracking activity and ads.

Probably just like you, I made use of the AdBlock plugin and other techniques to try to keep navigation cleaner and free of trackers.

However we know that these plugins do not always work the way they should, it was at this point that I started looking for an alternative to Google Chrome.

Even going back to using Firefox, however I believe that the Mozilla browser has already had its glory days and urgently needs a renovation.

So, after a lot of research I got to the Brave Browser, right away the proposal of security, usability and privacy caught my attention.

However, unfortunately I was very suspicious, after reading and understanding Brave's goals and vision, I decided to do a test with the browser for a few days.

During the tests I kept the good old Chrome in parallel, but in the first hours of browsing I could see Brave's performance when loading pages much better than Chrome.

Brave ad blocking is really efficient

This is thanks to the way it was developed, with an ad blocker and native tracking, robust and very effective, offered as standard in the installation of Brave.

It is clearly possible to notice that the ads consume a lot of time to load the sites, when removing the ads all the sites start to load more fluidly.

If you are in doubt if this is really true, check out a video made by Brave himself demonstrating a speed test.

As you can see, pages actually load faster due to this native Brave Browser ad blocking technology.

However I suggest that you do not take into consideration just a video or what I am talking about, download Brave and test it yourself!

In addition to ad blocking contributing to performance, it directly impacts the “Browsing privacy” issue. That is, browsing with Brave really becomes more private than its competitor Google Chrome.

Brave Browser is better than Google Chrome?

This is due to Google Chrome, having several mechanisms that end up being used to track all your activities on the internet.

This information is then used to target advertising according to your browsing history.

So if you don't like it, there are two possibilities, stop using Google Chrome or look for third-party plugins to avoid tracking.

As you can see in the image above, Brave blocked 160,772 ads and saved about 2.2 hours of browsing time by removing ads.

Regarding usability, both have very similar interfaces which makes the migration process very easy and without great difficulties.

When we talk about security, both browsers are very safe, but Brave ends up getting the better because it limits the use of extensions.

And as you may imagine, most browser failures end up due to malicious extensions that compromise users' security.

Chrome vs Brave: rewards in cryptocurrencies

Let's be honest, the ads are part of the internet, it is through them that websites manage to monetize the creation of content.

With Google Chrome or another browser that doesn’t block ads, you’ll be bombarded with ads and you won’t earn anything for it.

Therefore, Brave's philosophy in this regard is innovative, within the browser there is a very interesting rewards program.

Which works as follows, you choose to participate in it, once you have activated this rewards program, during your navigation some ads will be shown to you and you will win when you see them.

Yes, that's exactly what you read, Brave pays users a reward for having accessed an ad displayed by the browser.

This reward is paid in cryptocurrency BAT (Basic Attention Token), which can later be converted into other cryptocurrencies or even in real.

So if you are looking for a way to surf online in privacy and still win, Brave is certainly a good alternative.

Because, currently Google's browser, Chrome does not offer any reward system for its users.

In addition, it is possible to reward content creators by sending small tips in BAT to contribute to the work done.

Final conclusions is it worth switching from Chrome to Brave?

Well, after about 15 days using Brave, I realized that there was no need to go back to using Google Chrome.

Both browsers are very robust, but Brave according to my opinion ended up standing out when it came to privacy during navigation.

Although recently there was a news item, where it said that Brave was violating users' privacy by inserting affiliate links on some sites we have to keep in mind that this was just a form of browser monetization.

However, this is completely optional and you can decide whether or not to access it via Brave's affiliation links, but the browser proved to be very robust and secure.

Its cryptocurrency rewards system is very efficient and promising, remunerating readers and content creators through a fully decentralized and secure network.

So, is it worth switching from Chrome to Brave? Certainly yes! so I invite you to be part of the 15 million active users who have chosen a more private, safe and fast navigation.

And do you already know Brave? Already use or started testing now? Leave your opinion, it is of utmost importance.

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