Dont Trade Before Read This! Binance, what is it? how it works? worth it? is really safe?
Binance Bitcoin Exchange

Dont Trade Before Read This! Binance, what is it? how it works? worth it? is really safe?

By Tech Start XYZ | techstartxyz | 19 Jun 2020

What is Binance? Well basically Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange, alias one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

It was founded in mid-2017 by Changpeng Zhao and Yi He in Hong Kong in China, however due to a series of legal restrictions imposed in the country, businessmen decided to move the operating servers to Japan.

And certainly since its foundation, many things have happened and over the years it has conquered the title of one of the largest and main cryptocurrency brokers in the world.

Through Binance it is possible to buy and sell several cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin and even BAT the cryptocurrency of the Brave Browser.

How does Binance work?

Binance works as follows, by creating an account with the broker you can start trading cryptocurrencies.

Whether buying cryptocurrencies, exchanging or selling, the platform offers several robust features to trade cryptocurrencies through the browser or smartphone application.

In other words, you can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, BAT through a robust and secure platform using only the browser.

Within the platform, there are several operation modules, which can be summarized in two types of operation:

Basic Trade: Aimed at less experienced users who intend to make simple operations of buying, selling or exchanging cryptocurrencies.

Advanced Trade: A way to trade with several graphic resources, indicators and styles of operations, normally aimed at more experienced users who do Day Trade.

However, if you only want to invest in cryptocurrencies you can buy them with a credit card and store them in a virtual wallet.

In short, the Basic Trade option has a simpler interface with fewer resources on the screen, which for a beginner may be ideal, see how Binance Basic Trade works.

Binance easist way to trade

As it is possible to see in this modality, the form of operation is very simple without complex graphics or indicators.

In another version of Basic Trade, we have access to charts, asset values and even indicators, check below:

Bitcoin Trade Binance

Yet another form of more robust operation, is the Advanced Trade, indicated for users who really know what they are doing.

Because in this mode of operation it is possible to follow in detail each order sent, executed and perform a deep graphic analysis.

Advanced Trade Binance

Is Binance reliable?

This is certainly a very common question, but we will analyze the facts and not the “guessing”, I will list some important points about Binance:

  • Simple one of the most popular cryptocurrency brokers in the world
  • Its CEO Changpeng Zhao has an impressive track record in the cryptocurrency industry
  • The platform offers several security mechanisms, such as two-step authentication and registration validation through documents and photos.
  • The brokerage movement billions of dollars daily

Analyzing these factors, we can conclude that yes, Binance is reliable, and it is safe to buy and sell cryptocurrencies through Binance.

Of course, as the entire company, Binance has already suffered 2 incidents, the first of which was frustrated, the second, the company was compromised, but no user was affected.

After these incidents, Binance invested even more in security and became a reference when it comes to buying and selling Cryptocurrencies.

How to open a Binance account?

To open an account at Binance is very simple, just access the official website of the company through the link:

Open Binance Account

At this point, you must enter a valid email address, a password and confirm that you are over 18 years of age.

When you click Create account a confirmation email will be sent to you and you are done, you have already opened an account at the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

Remembering that by registering through our link you will receive 5% commission! Enjoy it because the registration is completely free!

Final conclusions about the platform

Without a doubt, the platform offers advanced and basic features that address all types of users.

When using Binance it is possible to notice that transactions flow quickly, the fees charged by the broker are low which makes it even more attractive.

Therefore, operating at Binance ends up being more viable than its competitors, another positive point of the platform is the flexible savings system.

That is, you can store cryptocurrencies in a kind of crypto savings, where they earn interest that is paid daily and you can withdraw these funds at any time.

In addition there is the possibility to use a Cryptocurrency Debit card, however this functionality is not yet fully available and it is necessary to enter a waiting list.

So if you are looking for an exchange to trade cryptocurrencies or investments, Binance is certainly a good choice.

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