Bing Team launches portal to track COVID-19 infections

Bing Team launches portal to track COVID-19 infections

By Tech Start XYZ | techstartxyz | 16 Mar 2020

Certainly, the Corona Virus outbreak has left the whole world worried and on alert.

And today the Microsoft Bing team has launched a portal where it is possible to track infections by Corona Virus COVID-19 across the globe.

Like many other companies, many people on the Bing team are working from home, and during this outbreak they went on to develop a portal to track the Corona Virus.

The website, which is hosted at, is an interactive crawler. In addition to showing points where infections are occurring, it displays updated news.

All data are obtained through official sources such as WHO (World Health Organization), CDC of the USA (Disease Control and Prevention and ECDC (European Center for Disease Prevention).

When accessing the portal users can select the country and states where they will consequently have access to the statistics of that particular region.

Portal allows you to track COVID-19 infections online

The website announcement created by the Microsoft team came two days after President Donald Trump announced that Google was creating a portal on COVID-19.

According to information, the portal under development by Google will be much more than a Corona Virus tracker, it will probably include the main symptoms of the infection, associated risks and even testing centers in each location.

Therefore, in addition to the portal created by Microsoft, users will soon have access to a portal developed by Google engineers.

The Corona Virus outbreak began in late December 2019 in China and has already infected around 168,000 people and killed approximately 6,500.

Earlier this week, WHO officially declared a global COVID-19 pandemic. Recalling that the last global pandemic was 2009 of the influenza virus H1N1.

So stay alert, and learn a little more about the Corona Virus tracker on the Bing portal.

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