25 fun facts about Apple
fun facts about apple

25 fun facts about Apple

By Tech Start XYZ | techstartxyz | 4 Apr 2020

Apple is certainly one of the most successful technology companies in the world. The company founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack brought innovation and showed a new horizon for thousands of people.

The company's innovative spirit has taken it to the highest levels. Leaving a garage for a huge California headquarters.

Certainly nowadays Apple has become a symbol of innovation, representing a unique lifestyle and culture, so we have separated some curiosities about Apple that will surprise you, check it out!

1 - Curiosity about the Apple logo. Certainly Apple's best-known logo is the bitten apple with rainbow colors, however the first logo was not this one. The first choice for the company's brand was a representation of Isac Newton sitting under a tree with an apple about to fall on him.

first apple logo

2 - Continuing the history of the first Apple logo. It was designed by Ronald Wayne, who sold his stake in the company for about $ 800.00 at the time. However, if he had not sold, today his stake would be worth $ 22 billion dollars.

3 - Steve Jobs just liked apple. There is certainly a lot of mystery about why the apple in the Apple logo, however the simplest explanation is because Steve simply likes the fruit. Another curiosity about the Apple logo would be the representation of the analogy with the fruit of knowledge described in the Bible.

4 - It is forbidden to smoke and use an Apple computer. The company adopted this policy, even denying repairs to smokers' computers, why? Passive smoke could be dangerous for the computer and the specialist who is going to perform the repair on the machine.

5 - The Apple I cost $ 666.66 dollars. Much has been speculated regarding this number, conspiracy theories said it was a reference to evil and etc ... However Wozniack explained that it was due to the wholesale price that cost US $ 500.00 for stores. However in retail the value would go to US $ 667.00, Steve Wozniack decided to change to the famous number simply because he finds it easier to type.

first apple computer

6 - The name Macintosh was inspired by an apple. It clearly seems like a joke, doesn't it? However it is not! Jef Raskin was the employee responsible for putting that name on the project that ended up becoming the name of the final product and remained throughout the product's life cycle.

7 - The name Lisa was inspired by the daughter of Steve Jobs. The Apple Lisa was one of the first computers to have a mouse and a graphical interface. His name given by Jobs was certainly due to the birth of his first daughter Lisa Nicole Brennam.

8 - An invention to justify the name Lisa. Certainly one of the most interesting curiosities about Apple is the fact that the marketing team invented an acronym Local Integrated Software Architecture in order to justify the name Lisa.

9 - The first iPod had a hidden game. This technique known as Easter Egg was used by Apple on the first iPod. to be able to access the game the user needed to go to the "About" option in the menu and press the middle button for a few seconds and that's it! The game in question was the Breakout that was developed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack at the time of Atari.

iPod hidden game

Curiosities about the beginning of Apple

10 - Apple started in the garage at Steve's parents' house. The start of the company was not at all glamorous, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack started the company in a small garage and even 12 people worked at the same time!

11 - To start the company Steve Wozniack sold a calculator. Well, it certainly seems little today, however at the time a scientific calculator cost about $ 500.00. Jobs sold an old car to contribute.

12 - Much of the work took place in Jobs' room. Well the garage in the house became famous, however most of the work took place in Steve's room, that is, marketing, sales, shopping and much more took place in the comfort of his room.

13 - Steve Jobs was fired from the company itself. One of the curiosities about Apple is that its founder ended up being fired from the company he created. That's right, Jobs was fired in 1985 after some friction with the directors at the time.

14 - Jobs' resignation gave Pixar an upgrade. Jobs had already tried to convince Apple to buy the studio, however without success. In 1986 Jobs bought Lucasfilm, which was later renamed Pixar. The amount invested was $ 10 million, which turned into $ 7.4 billion when the studio was sold to Disney.

fun facts pixar

15 - Apple wouldn't exist if it weren't for the “Blue Box’s”. The two Steve’s created a gadget that allowed them to make free calls on public phones. Obviously they sold some units of the illegal device.

16 - In 2011, the iPhone guaranteed about 40% of all Apple revenue. Interestingly, the Apple smartphone is one of the company's most successful products, guaranteeing a good part of all the company's revenue.

17 - All iPhones in official ads show the same time. This seems strange but it has a reason, the time in question is 09:41 which corresponds to the exact time when Steve announced the first iPhone to the world.

Curiosities about Apple and the future of technology

18 - Apple was the only company to see a future in the iPod. Certainly Apple has always had a different perspective on technology. In the case of the iPod it was no different, Tony Fadell the creator of the iPod tried to sell his idea to Philips and Real Networks, however both refused, only Apple saw the future in the idea.

19 - Attempt in the console world. Apple launched some products that did not work, one of them was Pippin. A console created in collaboration with Bandai performed poorly and the product was discontinued due to a number of factors.

Apple console

20 - In addition to consoles, Apple created digital cameras. Few people know this but in 1994 Apple launched a digital camera called QuickTake 100, its production was stopped in 1997.

21 - The obsession with packaging. Did you know that Apple has a room specially created to work the experience of opening the boxes of its products.

22 - The company does not use ships to bring its products. Interestingly Apple prefers to bring and ship its products using airplanes instead of ships. The reason? it arrives faster and the risk is less.

23 - Photos of products are not generated by computers. Do you know those incredible photos of the products you have on the website and in the commercials? Well they were not generated on a computer but photographed using real products!

24 - It was considered the most valuable company in the world for years. It has been 12 years as the most valuable company in the world, however recently it has been overtaken by Amazon.

25 - Apple was the first American company to surpass the 1 trillion value mark. His successful trajectory certainly guaranteed the achievement that occurred on August 2, 2018.

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