10 fun facts about Bitcoin you never imagined
fun facts about Bitcoin

10 fun facts about Bitcoin you never imagined

By Tech Start XYZ | techstartxyz | 9 Apr 2020

Without a doubt Bitcoin is a very promising cryptocurrency and full of interesting curiosities and mysteries.

It all started in mid-2009, a new proposal on how to buy, sell and store virtual money in a decentralized way and free from banks and governments.

Certainly in the beginning everything seemed like a utopia, however Bitcoin grew, gave rise to other cryptocurrencies and today it is an extremely valuable currency.

Whether for investment, or simply for buying and selling transactions Bitcoin is a reality these days.

So, in this article you know some curiosities about Bitcoin that you probably had no idea!

Bitcoin facts

1 - The true creator of Bitcoin is a true Mystery, since its launch in 2009 nobody has really managed to identify the real creator. The Bitcoin announcement was made by someone using the nickname Satoshi Nakamoto, but Mr Nakamoto is a mystery, a legend ...

2 - There is a theory that large companies would be involved in the creation of Bitcoin. This theory is based on the name of Satoshi Nakamoto which could have been created using words contained in the names of the following companies:

Samsung: SA
Toshiba: TOSHI
Nakamichi: NAKA
Motorola: MOTO

3 - Surely this will surprise you, the first purchase of Bitcoin was two pizzas. This happened on May 22, 2010, he paid 10,000 BTC which at the time was worth about $ 41.00.

4 - Bitcoin, contrary to what everyone thinks, is traceable, although it does not link names to transactions, the address of your wallet is public. So anyone can check on the blockchain all transactions for a particular wallet and stored Bitcoins.

5 - A guy lost 7,500 Bitcoins in November 2013. James Howells, ended up throwing away an HD that contained the access keys to his wallet, without them it is impossible to access Bitcoins. Currently the amount he would have would be around R $ 270 million reais.

The digital gold rush

6 - The profit from sales of mining equipment and Bitcoin graphical analysis software can be compared to the profit obtained from the sale of paddles during the California gold rush in 1880.

7 - It is estimated that the last Bitcoin will be mined in the middle of 2140. There is certainly a long period ahead, however this is due to the network limitation of only producing 21 million Bitcoins, after that number no Bitcoin will be created.

8 - Yes, there are Bitcoin ATMs around the world, there are over 6,000 ATMs around the world. There is even a Bitcoin ATM in São Paulo.

9 - A survey revealed that there are about 23,000 Bitcoin wallet addresses that have more than a million dollars worth of Bitcoin stored in them.

10 - Apparently Bitcoin was not the first cryptocurrency, but Digicash that was created in 1989 by David Chaun, who was also based on cryptographic protocols, however the currency has not become popular.


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