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Withdraw your 1FLR from PipeFlare's 'Rock Paper Scissors' game now

This article is for anyone who played PipeFlare's 'Rock Paper Scissors' game and either earned or deposited 1FLR there. The game has recently been disabled, so now is a great time to withdraw your tokens from the platform.

For the past few months, one of the most lucrative games for me on play-to-earn gaming platform PipeFlare has been 'Rock Paper Scissors' (RPS). Although I did win some MATIC by ranking in the weekly leaderboards, most of my earnings came from the 1FLR tokens that PipeFlare was dishing out in its two free 'daily spins':

PipeFlare Spin

In fact, after a while I kind of stopped playing RPS at all - I just visited the page as part of my daily routine to scoop up my daily 1FLR. I suspect I wasn't the only one.

But just over a week ago, I logged in to discover that the 'free spins' buttons had disappeared and it was no longer possible to play RPS either. The game had been disabled! I later found out, via an official message on PipeFlare's Discord server, that this was because of high gas fees and instability on Polygon:

PipeFlare announcement on Discord

Discovering that RPS had been disabled gave me a minor panic because I'd accumulated close to 12,000 1FLR and I didn't want to lose this. As I hadn't at that point seen the Discord message, I just bumbled around to see if I could recover my crypto. Spoiler alert - I managed to do it! I hope the steps below help anyone else who is looking to withdraw their 1FLR.

NB These are instructions for use with a desktop browser with the MetaMask browser extension - I didn't try on mobile.

1. The RPS page has disappeared from PipeFlare's website menu but is still accessible via its direct URL: Go there!

2. On that page, make a note of your '1FLR Balance' - you'll need this number in a minute. Note that your RPS 1FLR balance is completely separate from your usual PipeFlare 'token count', and there's no way to directly transfer from one to another. Which is a shame, as I probably would have just done that and immediately staked my RPS earnings within PipeFlare. But I digress...

3. You'll see that the 'Deposit 1FLR' option is nice and prominent - but the 'Withdraw' option is much harder to find! To get there, click on your 'Profile' icon in the top left:

RPS Profile icon

4. Then you'll see the 'Withdraw' button on the Profile overlay, as shown below. Click on this and enter the amount to withdraw - most likely your complete balance (which is why we made a note of that number in the second step).

RPS Withdraw button

5. I'm assuming that, to play RPS, you previously connected your MetaMask wallet to the Polygon Mainnet Network. So when you now click 'Confirm', you'll get a MetaMask notification appear (you may need to log in to MetaMask and/or give the browser extension access, whatever you normally do). This notification will ask you to Confirm the transaction.

6. It's at this point we should talk about everyone's favourite subject, gas fees. You'll need some MATIC in your MetaMask wallet in order to pay the fees associated with withdrawing your 1FLR from PipeFlare. Fortunately I already had some in my wallet from a previous transaction so I was good to go. But the first time I tried, MetaMask warned me that the network was busy so gas prices were high:

Polygon network busy

OK, $0.40 wasn't going to break the bank! However, as I wasn't in a rush, I left it a few hours... and sure enough, gas fees came down. On my second attempt, the fee was estimated at 0.119 MATIC, or around $0.15 USD. I confirmed the transaction and ended up spending just 0.015 MATIC, or $0.02, on gas. This has always been my experience of transactions on Polygon - the gas fee estimates are far too high. Better that than the other way round, I suppose.

7. Once you've confirmed your transaction, the 1FLR should appear in your MetaMask wallet pretty much straight away (Polygon can process around 65,000 transactions per second, so it's no slouch). You'll see it under the 'Assets' section:

MetaMask assets

And that's it! Your 1FLR is now safely withdrawn. What next? You could transfer it back into PipeFlare and take advantage of staking rewards (via this page: - or you could just bask in the warm glow of self-custody...

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