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Tip me your top tips on tipping

I've been using Publish0x since late August, and I have to say I'm impressed by both the quality of the articles and the crypto-earning potential of the platform.

I've accrued BAT, ETH and LRC just by tipping others for their writing. I already had some of the first two in my portfolio, but LRC is new to me - so Publish0x has encouraged me to diversify too.

After more than a week of lurking and leaving the occasional comment, it's now time for me to try writing my first article here. But instead of trying to impress you all with my crypto wisdom, I thought I'd take the opportunity to ask you about your approach to tipping in Publish0x. Certainly this is one of the most interesting mechanisms that the platform presents.

For example, I know that a tip is made on a sliding scale, allowing the tipper to decide what percentage of the tip to keep for themselves and and what percentage to give to the author. As a tipper, do you vary the percentages depending on the quality of the post (so you might give an author 50% for a good post but 80% for a phenomenal post)? Or do you always tip to the same ratio? And if the latter, what ratio have you settled on?

Perhaps your relationship with the author plays a role too - are you more likely to tip someone a higher percentage if you have had some previous interaction with them?

Check your six (now seven!)

When I first wrote this article, I mentioned that each Publish0x user can tip up to six times a day - that seems to be the common perception and also what the Publish0x official blog says (albeit in a post dating from last year). However a couple of commenters pointed out to me that there were able to tip seven times a day - I tried counting it up myself and found that I too could tip a glorious seven rather than a measly six times. I suspect that the tipping limit has been increased at some point over the past year or so.

It's also a commonly held belief that the first tip of the day is the largest, with the final two being the smallest. Seeing as the number of tips has changed, I wonder if this has changed too. But assuming that the first tip is still the largest, do you take this into account when tipping and try to make sure your first tip goes to a particularly strong post or author? Or is it not something you ever really think about?

This next question may be the most contentious! As a tipper, are there any reasons apart from altruistic ones not to keep most of the tip for yourself? From what I've read on the Publish0x official blog, there's no indication that the amount you choose to tip to the author affects the overall size of the tip (by which I mean the amount kept plus amount paid to author).

Do you ever feel guilty if you choose to keep more for yourself than you give to the author? Do you feel that the author might judge you for your stinginess?

All of this has made me wonder what the average tip percentage is across Publish0x. As well as being a publishing platform, Publish0x feels a little like a psychological experiment and I am sure it generates a lot of fascinating data on human behaviour - which the Publish0x team would be, understandably, unlikely to share.

Thanks for your time reading this post - and if you are comfortable tipping me your thoughts about tipping then I'd be very interested to read them. I might even tip my hat to you.

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