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My Twitter list of Publish0x authors (and do you want to join it?)

A while back I noticed that some of my favourite Publish0x authors, such as PVMihalache and Cryptonator, were also tweeting away on Twitter. I was interested in what they had to say in between writing their Publish0x articles, so I started following them. But as I was already following lots of people on Twitter, I also added them to a Twitter list so I could find them again in future more easily.

Time went by and I carried on following P0x authors - as well as a few commenters - on Twitter and adding them to my list. I'm sure that lots of P0x folk prefer decentralized microblogging platforms and/or ones that reward in crypto, such as but even so, it's surprising how many Publish0x authors ARE on Twitter.

Things must have got slightly out of hand, as I now have a Twitter list with more than 70 Publish0x people in it! (After some difficulty I even managed to work out how to add myself.)

So I've decided the time has come to share the list with you all here on Publish0x in the hope you find it useful or interesting. It might be a good way to keep in touch with the P0x community between visits to the site, discover your next new favourite author, or reach out to people directly. And it could even help introduce some Twitter users to Publish0x.

Anyway, here's my Twitter list of Publish0x authors:

I'm also keen to grow the list even more, something I'll need your help with. If you're a Publish0x author and active on Twitter, let me know in the comments and I'll happily add you to the list.

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