My crypto earnings in October (or - there's nothing passive about passive income)

My crypto earnings in October (or - there's nothing passive about passive income)

A few of the writers here on Publish0x have been amazingly open about their monthly earnings from crypto, and reading those articles has helped me identify the best opportunities for my own growth. So it only seems right for me to do the same.

I am avoiding the term 'passive income' here because there is nothing passive about it - I have put in a lot of active hard work for a rather modest return! But 'mighty oaks from little acorns grow'.

So here are my earnings for last month (October 2020), from smallest to largest. Fiat values are in pound sterling as I'm from the UK and can't think in dollars.


The universal basic income Gooddollar is first in the list as it doesn't have a fiat value. Over the course of the month I gained 286.9 G$ just by making my daily claim on desktop. The good news is that Gooddollars can now be spent - on the new Facebook marketplace.


Also without a fiat value yet is Pi. I gained 204.4 Pi through mining on my mobile each day. I'm not really sure why, or what will come of this, but it doesn't take much effort so I'm happy to have a punt. Apparently eight million other people are doing the same. It's invite only, so if you want to join them (and me), go to and use my username: jamesdclark as your invitation code.


I rather like Microlancer, a friendly little microtask website that pays out in Bitcoin using the Lightning network. But as with most microtask sites, it really suffers from a lack of new tasks. I cleared quite a few of the available tasks in September, which meant that in October I could only do enough to earn 1,149 sats. Using the month-end exchange rate, that equated to £0.12.

I hate faucets and I'm not really sure why I started using, especially as it's an hourly claim. Over the course of the month I earned a very uninspiring 2,996 sats, or £0.32. Plus, the reward I get each hour seems to be ever-decreasing (down from 15 sats to now just six!) so I am thinking about knocking this one on the head.

Sats 4 Likes

Another good microtasking website is Sats 4 Likes, which focuses mainly on social media-related tasks (liking this, retweeting that, following the other). Again it would be much better if busier. But in October I picked up 3,823 sats, equating to £0.41. Incidentally you really need a Lightning wallet before you start to make use of Sats 4 Likes - I recommend Wallet of Satoshi.


Hopefully you will all be familiar with Publish0x! I didn't write any posts in October, but did earn some crypto on my old posts and through tipping. Over the course of the month this amounted to 1.1 BAT, 0.73LRC and 0.0018ETH, totalling £0.77.


I have very mixed feelings about the geo-mining app COIN. It is full of busywork and is something of a battery hog. However I did earn 2,250 COIN tokens, which - based on the current exchange rate of COIN to XYO, and XYO to pounds sterling - had a value of £0.98. I did try to look for an alternative to COIN, but ended up supplementing it with the sMiles app instead.


I don't do anything on the crypto networking site Uptrennd apart from view 10 articles each day to qualify for my daily activity bonus of 10 1UP. Over the course of the month this netted me 320 1UP - the last time I checked, there were only 31 days in October so I am not sure where the extra 10 came from! Anyway this had a value of £1.40. is another microtask website, recently relaunched in beta V2 form. Its tasks are more coding-focused than the other sites - in fact it reminds me of Stack Overflow at times - and it pays out in BCH with no minimum payout. Somehow I managed to gain two 'bounties', earning me 0.0089BCH or £1.80 (which I immediately transferred to Celsius).

I really try not to get suckered into using faucets, but I think I signed up for as a task on microlancer. As faucets go, it's not too bad as it's a daily BTC claim and it comes with a 10,000-sat starting bonus. Payout is at a rather high 100,000 sats though, which might take me quite a while to reach unless I stoop to doing surveys and other supplementary activity. In total (including the bonus) I earned 17,575 sats or £1.87.


After Brave, the search engine Presearch is probably the crypto-related tool that has the most utility for me. By that I mean I would use it even if it wasn't a convenient way to earn PRE tokens every time I did a search. My medium-term goal is to earn 1,000 tokens so I can use them for keyword staking within Presearch itself. In October I earned 182.75 tokens, with a value of £2.30.

I'm currently at PRE level 5, which means I can only withdraw 50% of my tokens - so in effect I need to earn 2,000 in order to take part in staking. Quite a way still to go!


I'm a fan of Brave, a browser that rewards users and publishers with a token called BAT, though I'm sad to see the end of the referral program. In October I gained 8.5 BAT from my desktop activity, 1.25 BAT from my mobile activity, and somehow 38.1 BAT through the Brave Creators program. I'm signed up to Brave Creators with my digital marketing website, Technically Product, and am profoundly grateful whenever readers choose to tip me some of their BAT. In total all that BAT came to £6.85.

So there you have it! That comes to a grand total of £16.82, plus some other rather speculative claims that may or may not have a value in future.

The good news is that I went freelance full time at the start of November (to focus on web analytics), so I now have more time to spend on crypto. I've been trying out some other services, and have already made more from alone in November than than everything I did in October put together. But I'll tell you more about that in a month or so...

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