I fu***ng hate writers block (part1)
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I fu***ng hate writers block (part1)

By Hexzyti | Talk and Things | 2 Feb 2021

For days inspiration was flowing through me, the words came to the page effortlessly. Yesterday, it all went downhill. I sat at my computer staring at the screen for the better part of an hour. Even now as I type this, I struggle to find the right words. Man, I HATE writers block. I've been writing since the 5th grade, and writers block has always appeared. Yet with every passing year it becomes more and more irritating. At least when I was in 5th grade, I was writing short stories. But when you've got a whole book to do...

The pain of being an author

In between trying to find the motivation and the right direction to take my story, the last thing I need is to suddenly lose the ability to write. But of course, right when I need it the most, my motivation plummets and writers block comes along to take its place. I've gone through 3 book attempts so far, and currently I really want to finish this one. My first attempt was in 8th grade and I quickly scrapped the book after realizing I was not ready to attempt such an immense task (and I was really bad at writing). But a lot, and I mean a lot of time has passed since then, and my skills have improved by a fair amount. All I want to do is get at least one book published before I turn 30, but it often feels like that will never happen. 

One can only hope that writers block doesn't interfere to often. And for the most part, I've only run into writers block about 30% of the time I've sat down to write. However, that 30% of the time is dreadful. 

Why must you do this to me?

Oh writers block, why? I find myself asking this question more and more with each passing day. I have a few theories, diet definitely has a role to play, as every time I've been eating take out and junk, the chance of writers block seems to shoot up to at least 60%! Sleep is an obvious factor, but what else? I still get plenty of sleep yet lose the energy to write... 

Sometimes there is no why, writers block simply happens, and it is not uncommon. Every author has to deal with writers block at least once. And every author I've met has shared some terrible coping strategies they once employed. The most common bad coping mechanism was drinking energy drinks and coffee, a lot of it. I too have abused energy drinks, oh the memories of 1 AM writing sessions fueled by self hate and energy drinks. Great times haha (not really, they were terrible). The second biggest coping strategy was drugs, which did not surprise me in the slightest. Most of us know of the period when Stephen King was abusing cocaine, it resulted in some long and fantastical stories, but it was also severely impacting his life. Caffeine pills and Adderall are the more commonly taken substances, as opposed to the more "hard drugs". I will be making a part two soon, there I'll be coming up with strategies to deal with writers block. Until next time, see ya folks.

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