was that a test pump this morning?

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There was a spike this morning as BTC went from about 7K to 7.5K. 

Was it a test pump?  I got out at $7.6k. I'm watching closely right now. Seems like there was a test pump early this morning. 7k-7.5k and back down again.  Followed by a steady rise. We are hovering around $7.1k right now.  If it drops back down to 7k I think I will get back in in anticipation of a bull run. But I will be watching very closely. If it happens...it will happen soon.

Not investment advise.  I am a fledgling trader just getting my feet wet.  Please make your own analysis.

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Starting a new journey into the digital world. Always been really good at research. Time to put it to the test. I will be learning all the crypto tools and sharing what I learn. I hope I can learn from you as well.

Taking My Crypto to a New Level
Taking My Crypto to a New Level

In this series of blogs I will give my ratings on various crypto wallets, exchanges, coins and other topics in the crypto world. I will explain how to use various projects and tell of the pitfalls and victories I have encountered. I have entered the market with $100 USD in Early October and grew my investment to about $250 within 2 weeks. Since then I have been fairly flat as I continue to learn.

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