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How to get started for free

By fluck81 | Tahoe Crypto Journey | 7 Apr 2021

1) Coinbase  - They have a section where you can earn coins by answering quizzes for free. You can earn somewhere in the ball park of $10-$40. The quizzes are simple and take 1-2 minutes.


2)CoinMarketCap - Same thing as Coinbase but you must have a Binance account and Link it. The quizzes are easy like Coinbase and only take a few minutes.


3),4) and 5) Grindabuck - Instagc and Firefaucet  - They are sites where you can take surveys , do tasks , watch videos and earn money which you can cashout to crypto. Firefaucet has the most coins to choose from for withdrawal followed by Grindabuck and lastly Instagc only has BTC. Firefaucet min withdrawl is $2 usd while Grindabuck is $10 1st time ($2.50 there after) and Instagc is $10. My suggestion would be to do some quick surveys if you don't know your way around the offerwalls.





6)Reddit - /r/dogecoinbeg  -  Here you can throw up your wallet address and hope a kind stranger sends you some DOGE! There are also contests people hold occasionally and award DOGE!


You wont make much with these methods without a little effort but it can be done. I tend to earn a few bucks a day at night while I'm watching tv sometimes if I'm bored. The best part is all these methods are free!


Good luck out there!



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Tahoe Crypto Journey
Tahoe Crypto Journey

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