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Whale Wallet Analysis - Saffron Finance

13 Nov 2020 5 minute read 0 comments D3F1

Hello guys, I am back with another Whale Wallet Analysis. This time, it is for Saffron Finance. It is important to mention that, for this Whale Wallet Analysis, I have scanned the whales that are currently providing liquidity for Epoch 0 of Saffron....

Whale Wallet Analysis - Ampleforth Update 6 Months Later

3 Dec 2020 6 minute read 1 comment D3F1

Ampleforth was the first Whale Wallet Analysis that I conducted of my entire series. Since then, the series has flourished as I have conducted additional Whale Wallet Analysis for AMPL, SNX, BASED, LINK, YFI, YFV, UNI, SUSHI, and WBTC.  It has now be...