VestChain (VEST)

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VestChain is a blockchain platform that focuses on smart contracts and machine learning services. Terming itself a next generation blockchain platform that offers an open source content management system. The team prides itself on the fact that it follows a scientific methodology, and that its team is chiefly composed of scientists and engineers. 

VestChain has a few features which it is attempting to leverage in order to become the next generation blockchain platform that it wishes to be. This includes bilevel blockchains, horizontal scaling, inter-segmental operation, and others. By bilevel blockchains, the team is essentially describing two levels of blockchains, with the core blockchain validating the transactions from secondary blockchains (shards). The team is yet to offer more details on the inter-segmental operation.

The team has provided an extensive and lengthy roadmap, proceeding all the way into 2022. The team spent the first two quarters of 2019 working on public API disclosure, a middle-ware layer, verification code, and the betas for a virtual machine and functional language. 

Given the relative newness of the project, there is not much in the way of production level ready features. Version 1 of both the smart contract and the wallet is only expected to begin development in 2021. 2020 will be spent on a single node on the testnet and a smart contract SDK.