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A token is a unit of value that represents multiple facets, such as monetary value, voting influence et al, in a blockchain network. Blockchains do not necessarily need a token to function - IBM’s Fabric and R3’s Corda are examples of two blockchains that eschew tokens. 

Although blockchain networks can function without the need for a token, these networks lose much of the benefits that come with the use of a token - user incentivization, for example. However, it is true that some enterprise level permissioned networks would gain benefit from simply deploying a distributed ledger without a token.

Several kinds of tokens exist, though they have informally been categorized as being either utility tokens or security tokens. Utility tokens are those that let a user further avail a platform’s services or products - Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a good example of a utility token. Security tokens are more like traditional investments - these tokens are those for which the user expects some kind of return after a period of time.  

Another important element of a digital token is the fact that it can be used as a virtual representation of a physical or traditional asset, such as gold, real estate and commodities. This has several benefits for the investor. 

By tokenizing a piece of land or gold into fractional, digital units, it allows investors to make a fractional investment in the asset, affordably and conveniently, as they do not have to pay a large sum or worry about maintenance and possession. This is perhaps the most discussed property of tokens.

LaariTravel | Decentralized Tourism

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LaariTravel is a fintech company based in Singapore with a focus on decentralized tourism. The worldwide tourism market is dominated by big online travel companies, who charge a lot of commission, which means an increased price for travellers. The go...

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INTRODUCTION TO VEIL  The crypto currency advertise looks quite great nowadays. Bitcoin's ascent signals bullish season. Be that as it may, security issues still remain an issue. One of the most compelling motivations for this is the absence of secu...

Lazy Legislation - Will Blockchain Tech and Cryptocurrency Make Us More Secure?

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  A More Secure Energy Grid?    While researching my previous post, I ran across a few articles from Coindesk dealing with the United States Department of Energy funding research into blockchain security for energy grids. I was intrigued, because it...

Miracle Tele - communication and blockchain in one glass

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Mobile communication has become not only a habit, but has also given rise to new mental deviations in society. Very many people have quietly become dependent on their own means of communication. Having forgotten or lost the phone, a person can not fi...

Sports Fans Pay Attention!

11 May 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Sneijder

BetterBetting or BETR is a project with the goal to revolutionize sports betting. They created their own cryptocurrency called the BETR token, which "will establish truly decentralised sports betting."  How to bet Betting there is quite simple. All...

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Personal Experiences rules present Judgement One of the major reasons why I quitted online investments and HYIP was because of scams. Different methods unscrupulous people use to defraud people are just endless to count or get. I did one which has so...

Geon - Visit Places And Get Rewarded

5 May 2019 7 minute read 0 comments Solomon Stephen

I have read several blogs where the blog owner shares ideas on how to earn an income online. Most of the ideas shared require a skill. It's either you are expected to be a writer to start writing on freelancing sites, a developer, designer, or even a...

Bitfinex token ?

2 May 2019 1 minute read 0 comments CEDCryptoCoin

Bitfinex wants its own "Binance coin" One Bitfinex token will cost exactly $ 1. Bitfinex wants to raise one billion dollars. Option within IEO?So far, it looks like this IEO will only be for big players. The minimum buy-in is set to a million dollars...

Redfishcoin, a Security Token or a Utility Token?

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Understanding Redfishcoin, a Security Tokens or a Utility Tokens? The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) clamping down on ICOs, what is the risk?   Because of ICOs, massive scam scheme and lots of money lost, US SEC try to Id...