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Tezos (XTZ), launched in September 2018, made headlines in 2017 when it raised a then record of $232 million during its ICO. The project faced several lawsuits and differences internally before launching its beta network in 2018.

Tezos is much like Ethereum, in that it is a decentralized network that is oriented towards smart contracts. The platform’s token, XTZ, is primarily used for governance, with holders receiving rewards for proposing protocol upgrades and contributing to the project. 

The Ethereum and Ethereum Classic split influenced the development vision of Tezos, with the Tezos executives saying that the splitting of communities and visions is precisely the kind of incident that Tezos wants to avoid, instead focusing on the community consensus via formal methods. 

Tezos aims to address the challenges associated with forks through self-amendment and on-chain governance. It recently implemented its first ever on-chain governance blockchain update. Tezos users staked their tokens to implement the first backwards incompatible change to the network, which was termed “Athens A.” The change, democratically conducted as a majority of users voted for this change, resulted in lowering the token threshold for one to be able to participate in the governance and voting process. 

It has been revealed that financial firm, Elevated Returns, which focuses on digitizing traditional assets, is planning to release $1 billion worth of Security Token Offerings (STOs) via the Tezos network, which would mark an important step in adoption for the network. Similarly, Latin America’s largest investment bank, BTG Pactual bank, has also announced that it would sell $1 billion worth of STOs on the Tezos blockchain.

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The last round of this game ended with one of the players winning 25.20 XTZ. In the second round the stakes started a lot higher: round two was launched with 100 XTZ and is currently at 104.4 XTZ. TzButton is a smartcontract deployed on Tezos, which...

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Institutional liquidity provider Woorton announced during Paris Blockchain Week Summit that they will increasingly provide more liquidity on DEXter. DEXter is the first Decentralized Exchange (DEX) that has gone live on the Tezos blockchain. Since DE...

"The Blockchain Group" launches tokenization platform on Tezos, partner BNP Paribas facilitates the onboarding process of investors

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Last week, The Blockchain Group announced their first STO: a $100 million investment fund for Logical Pictures. The partnership with BNP Paribas (The 8th largest bank in the world), was also announced last week. Today, The Blockchain Group announced...

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hello friends I didn't want to write so early a new article, but I received tonight an email with some crypto news and one of them was referring to a new and limited better rewards for staking Tezos - available for the first 3000 users, through Thano...

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