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Tezos (XTZ), launched in September 2018, made headlines in 2017 when it raised a then record of $232 million during its ICO. The project faced several lawsuits and differences internally before launching its beta network in 2018.

Tezos is much like Ethereum, in that it is a decentralized network that is oriented towards smart contracts. The platform’s token, XTZ, is primarily used for governance, with holders receiving rewards for proposing protocol upgrades and contributing to the project. 

The Ethereum and Ethereum Classic split influenced the development vision of Tezos, with the Tezos executives saying that the splitting of communities and visions is precisely the kind of incident that Tezos wants to avoid, instead focusing on the community consensus via formal methods. 

Tezos aims to address the challenges associated with forks through self-amendment and on-chain governance. It recently implemented its first ever on-chain governance blockchain update. Tezos users staked their tokens to implement the first backwards incompatible change to the network, which was termed “Athens A.” The change, democratically conducted as a majority of users voted for this change, resulted in lowering the token threshold for one to be able to participate in the governance and voting process. 

It has been revealed that financial firm, Elevated Returns, which focuses on digitizing traditional assets, is planning to release $1 billion worth of Security Token Offerings (STOs) via the Tezos network, which would mark an important step in adoption for the network. Similarly, Latin America’s largest investment bank, BTG Pactual bank, has also announced that it would sell $1 billion worth of STOs on the Tezos blockchain.

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Xtz.news will launch this Tuesday

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Xtz news is a new website that will cover all the news and latest developments in the Tezos ecosystem. Different type of content will be published. Besides articles, there will be podcasts, opinions, tutorials and some NFT based content. Xtz.news wil...

The first 100 ETHtz has been minted and is ready to enter Tezos DeFi

31 Dec 2020 1 minute read 3 comments Allen Walters

ETHtz is wrapped ETH on Tezos, to enable ETH deployment on Tezos applications. More about ETHtz here. This is especially interesting due to the low transaction fees on Tezos. On average transactions cost you 3,000 times less on Tezos than on Ethereum...

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DeFi components on Tezos: TEZEX, a cross-chain gateway

27 Dec 2020 3 minute read 5 comments Allen Walters

With USDtz, ETHtz and tzBTC available on Tezos, we can now offer tradingpairs on Tezos-based DEXes that could attract a new group of traders who are currently trading on Ethereum-based DEXes. Untill now only XTZ pairs are available on DEXter. If you'...

Learn to code by playing video games with Tezos Academy

26 Dec 2020 1 minute read 2 comments Galaxie Crypto

Learning while having fun is great. It is now possible to learn to code in 3 different languages thanks to Tezos Academy. You can learn in 3 different languages, PascalLIGO, ReasonLIGO and GameLIGO.  The learning is done in the form of a scenario. ...

DeFi components on Tezos: ETHtz brings ETH to Tezos DeFi

26 Dec 2020 3 minute read 8 comments Allen Walters

ETHtz is launched and brings ETH to Tezos' DeFi. ETHtz is wrapped ETH, backed by ETH 1:1 and can be used in the growing Tezos DeFi ecosystem. ETHtz will accompany tzBTC and USDtz which have been available for several months now. Additionally, another...

DeFi components on Tezos: USDtz

25 Dec 2020 5 minute read 8 comments Allen Walters

With the launch of several DeFi components on Tezos in the next few months, I decided to start a series that describes each component.  USDtz is the first USD-pegged stablecoin on Tezos. It was launched in May this year, and anticipated a future dema...

Tezos is aiming to expand in Japan

23 Dec 2020 1 minute read 3 comments Allen Walters

After getting whitelised in Japan and listed on two Japanese exchanges this month, Tezos is getting set to gear up in the highly regulated Japanese market. TZ APAC is looking for a business development manager to solely focus on the Japanese market....