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TenX (PAY) is a cryptocurrency made by Toby Hoenisch, Julian Hosp, Paul Kittiwongsunthorn, and Michael Sperk in 2017. It is a decentralized blockchain payment platform that is intended to make it easy for users to spend cryptocurrency at any store.

The TenX Blockchain Payments platform consists of a digital wallet and a physical card, which together make it extremely easy to spend cryptocurrency in-store, even if they do not accept cryptocurrency. The TenX platform is built on top of the COMIT Network which is a routing protocol that enables payments across blockchains. The COMIT Network basically allows blockchains to connect to each other and allows users to change assets instantly across different blockchains with minimal fees. The COMIT Network does this by incorporating Hashed Time Lock Contracts, Payment Channels, and Liquidity Providers. 

TenX have developed a mobile payment application that is very easy to use due to its intuitive user interface. The mobile payments application also allows users to connect and manage the physical TenX card which allows payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum and soon Litecoin. The TenX application also utilizes Decentralized Security Smart Contracts (DSS) which allow users to set rules on their specific spending limits, whether it be a single item spending limit, daily limits or ATM withdrawal limits. Furthermore, it also allows users to choose which cryptocurrency to make payments with from within their wallet and they even have the option to split the payment amongst a range of cryptocurrencies. 

PAY is the native token to the TenX platform. The PAY token is needed for users to be able to purchase the TenX physical card. PAY will also reward users up to 0.5% rewards for every purchase made with the TenX application or TenX Card.

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