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Are There Free Crypto Exchanges?

7 Apr 2021 3 minute read 0 comments ChangeNOW

Originally published in the ChangeNOW blog Buying and selling cryptocurrencies with any fiat currency or exchanging one form of crypto for another are processes that involve some costs. So if you are wondering if there are “free cryptocurrency exchan...

How to utilize tags on Hive Blockchain and earn more crypto for your content

4 Apr 2021 3 minute read 0 comments knowhow92

s a content creator and crypto hustler, I can guarantee that Hive is the best place to share your content and earn $$. It's not as easy as some of you may think though. It takes time to make a name on Hive so you need a ton of patience, consistency a...

How Nation States are Reshaping the Cybersecurity Landscape - Tomorrow on the Security for All Podcast

2 Apr 2021 1 minute read 2 comments Matthew Rosenquist

Time to talk about how nation-state cyber attacks are impacting everyone's digital security! Cybersecurity will never be the same! Come join the live discussion tomorrow, April 2nd at noon Pacific!

Zild and crypto giveaway!

30 Mar 2021 1 minute read 0 comments Zild

To celebrate the release of Zild 2.0, we’ve decided to make a crypto giveaway on Twitter! Follow these steps: 1. Follow us and @Hoo_exchange 2. ❤️ & RT this tweet 3. Tag 5 friends And get $50...

Who do Executives Blame for Cybersecurity Failures?

3 Mar 2021 1 minute read 7 comments Matthew Rosenquist

My rant in response to the former CEO of SolarWinds pointing the finger of blame at an intern in an attempt to redirect cybersecurity responsibility, highlights a lack of understanding and accountability within the c-suite. Do better!

Nation State Cybercriminals are a Risk to Everyone

1 Mar 2021 1 minute read 0 comments Matthew Rosenquist

Most nation-state activities are focused on intelligence gathering, political manipulation, interference with critical infrastructure, and subverting military capabilities.  These indirectly affect everyone, but don’t represent a direct threat to ev...

CyberPro Podcast - Focus of Cybersecurity is to Manage Digital Risk – Matthew Rosenquist

24 Feb 2021 1 minute read 0 comments Matthew Rosenquist

I had such a great time talking about the challenges, chaos, and importance of cybersecurity to preserve trust in digital technology. 6 Questions in a 9 Minute format! Thanks Rick Mischka and ShortArm Solutions, Inc. / Cyber Pro Podcast.

Ally of the Year Awards 2021

24 Feb 2021 1 minute read 1 comment Matthew Rosenquist

What is an ally? Where do you stand on equality and equity for women in tech?  I was challenged in social media to make a short video on my perspective of being an ally.  Join the #AYAChallenge2021

Top 3 Missions of a CISO

3 Feb 2021 1 minute read 0 comments Matthew Rosenquist

Every Chief Information Security Officer should have a strategic plan that defines the key deliverables to enable success. In today’s video, I outline my top 3 missions that every CISO should strive to achieve.   What do you think should be the top...

Another Creepy Case of Hackers Watching People in their Homes

1 Feb 2021 1 minute read 0 comments Matthew Rosenquist

Protect yourself from creepy hackers that watch people on their home cameras. When it comes to cameras installed inside of homes, there is always a risk of someone else gaining access and watching over you! There are things you can do to protect you...