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Flamen, the 14th entry in my Tokenized Artwork Lord series

25 Jul 2019 1 minute read pbock $0.06 tipped,-lord-of-order-3917 My "Flamen" here is the 14th addition to my Lord Series of artworks. I started out with a rather basic Weavesilk construct: I'd started out with a "flower" construct in the middle, as I though...

"Dreams Of Tomorrow": Tokenized artwork

15 Jun 2019 1 minute read pbock $0.05 tipped "Dreams Of Tomorrow", thus named since, quite literally, that's what I fed the attnGAN AI system in the Runway Beta app that created the basic form: I then took this part, that was only about 256...

Rightfully Energized ~ Digital Art NFT

25 Jul 2019 1 minute read Neel Yadav $0.04 tipped

New Single-Edition NFT Available via SuperRare! Oh and thanks to @SuperRare for making a feature post on Cent for this artwork! I couldn't sleep. It was 3am or so and decided to start making the skull artwork I had been thinking about doing. One thi...

Cryptoart walkthrough: Ri'Shali, The Corrupted Servant -- SuperRare artwork

19 May 2019 6 minute read pbock $0.02 tipped

Ri'Shali, The Corrupted Servant   Hello everyone ! Happy to join Publish0x as a new author ! I imagine you're wondering who I am ?   My name's Peter, a Bioinformatics Engineer in Bordeaux, who on the side enjoys creating Crypto-related artwork (even...

"MuBai, Baboon Lord" NFT artwork

30 May 2019 1 minute read pbock $0.01 tipped

My 11th entry to my Lord Series: MaBiu, The Baboon Lord. To create this Lord, I first started out doing what I call a "Deep Style Sequence": I started out with a Weavesilk drawing: Passed it through with one filter in Deep Style Passed this one th...

Nui'tech, Lord of Automatons

9 Jun 2019 1 minute read pbock $0.01 tipped

"Nui'tech, Lord of Automatons" NFT artwork'tech,-lord-of-automatons-3510 Bow before Nui'tech, the Lord of Automatons, robots, AI, and all artifical lifeforms. Given our world shall soon be ruled by robots and Ge...

Reserve Bank of Facebook

20 Jun 2019 1 minute read Neel Yadav $0.01 tipped

SuperRare NFT (1/1) Link "A basket of currencies and assets will be held in the Libra Reserve for every Libra that is created, building trust in its intrinsic value." - TRUST IN ITS INTRINSIC VALUE