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Steem is a social blockchain platform that focuses on decentralized applications, an example of which is the popular Steemit publishing platform. Launched in 2016 by EOS founder Dan Larimer and Ned Scott, STEEM is one of the earliest examples of a social and content-focused platform that employs cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. 

Steem’s mission is to empower communities by giving them smart tokens to incentivize users to help grow communities and foster participation.

Steem’s most prominent application, Steemit, is a publishing platform where content creators are rewarded with the cryptocurrency token STEEM for the quality they produce. There is also a stablecoin available on the network called Steem Dollars (SBD). Both tokens can be traded on an internal decentralized exchange. Transaction fees are replaced by the inflation rate of the token.

Several other decentralized applications have already been created on Steem. Other dapps include Steem Engine, a platform for issuing and trading Steem-based tokens; DTube, a decentralized platform for uploading and sharing video material; SteemPress, a WordPress plugin connecting WordPress and Steem; and more.

The Steem team is currently focusing on developing Smart Media Tokens, which will “will allow anyone to create their own token...and use those tokens to fundraise, monetize content, and grow their own social communities.” This is intended to help communities in the content creation space to launch their own tokens to support themselves and establish mutually beneficial mini-ecosystems.

Steemit Will Emerge Transformed - Two Scenarios Involving the Tron Foundation Acquisition

5 Mar 2020 2 minute read 2 comments Wstanley224

Steemit Will Emerge Transformed - Two Scenarios Involving the Tron Foundation Acquisition After all the drama, bad blood and resignations that have happened in response to the acquisition of Steemit by Justin Sun, current Steemians may end up winners...

Steemit is Purchased by Tron's Justin Sun - Good News and Anxiety in the Community

20 Feb 2020 3 minute read 2 comments Wstanley224

Steemit is Purchased by Tron's Justin Sun - Good News and Anxiety in the Community Steemit was purchased by Justin Sun, the charismatic leader of the Tron Foundation, and the outspoken face of the 11th largest cryptocurrency. The news was announced o...

My Thoughts about Hive & Steemit

24 Mar 2020 3 minute read 4 comments Juan Molina

I'll get straight to the point.These are my impressions about HIVE a few hours after its official launch. Many things are happening and very fast.Maybe we don't have time, calm and concentration to assimilate all the events in the best way.So I will...

From Steemit to Publish0x the step is short

21 Apr 2020 2 minute read 1 comment MarioV

Past tests In the past I had tried to use Steemit but the interaction with that tool had not impressed me at all: the operation of the related tokens was not immediately understandable, the editor for writing articles was crude and used the tags as...

When you have your Steem and HIVE tokens but can’t still convert it to money - SUCKS!!

29 May 2020 6 minute read 0 comments Greenchic

  My Steem could not be liquidated for kitten Crypta’s expenses Crypta and White Cat Mochu in the photo As things were busy at my end in getting kitten Crypta more ready to be adopted, I encountered hurdles for money): . I needed money for kitty’s...

If you are an Artist or Photographer the best way to earn Bitcoin is

3 Feb 2020 1 minute read 2 comments offgrid

So, how does an artist or photographer earn Bitcoin with Steemit ?  Step 1: Create a Free Blog on ...  Step 2: Post only Original Photography and Artwork every day. Always post 2-3 images and at least 100-200 words exp...

Can Blockchain Gaming and NFT's Raise Funds? | Homeless-City Project Update!

21 Apr 2020 1 minute read 2 comments Battlegames

How Far Has The Project Come In It's First 20 Days? April 1st we reported that efforts were underway to raise funds through blockchain game by voluntarily donating game assets [NFT's] to STEEM account @Homeless-City. "The accou...

No trace of those HIVE tokens transferred to Probit Exchange

4 Jun 2020 5 minute read 9 comments Greenchic

 Disappearance of my HIVE tokens sent to Probit Exchange On May 24th Sunday, I sent 58.362 HIVE tokens to the Probit Exchange wallet, after which I never saw anything of those HIVE tokens there after. I have been worrying about those tokens but more...


8 Mar 2020 1 minute read 0 comments pataty69

  The war in STEEM continues between Justin Sun TRON and the blockchain users of STEEM who voted massively for the witnesses and thus managed to return to the top 20 more than the 4 necessary to make the consensus unfeasible.       The number of wit...

Why I (almost) left Steemit for Publish0x

16 Feb 2020 1 minute read 4 comments Seb Crypto

I joined Steemit in February 2018. The platform seemed promising to me, and it was, it really was. But I soon realized that there were some flaws that nothing could erase. In the last two years, I have posted on Steemit more than two hundred articles...