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Steem is a social blockchain platform that focuses on decentralized applications, an example of which is the popular Steemit publishing platform. Launched in 2016 by EOS founder Dan Larimer and Ned Scott, STEEM is one of the earliest examples of a social and content-focused platform that employs cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. 

Steem’s mission is to empower communities by giving them smart tokens to incentivize users to help grow communities and foster participation.

Steem’s most prominent application, Steemit, is a publishing platform where content creators are rewarded with the cryptocurrency token STEEM for the quality they produce. There is also a stablecoin available on the network called Steem Dollars (SBD). Both tokens can be traded on an internal decentralized exchange. Transaction fees are replaced by the inflation rate of the token.

Several other decentralized applications have already been created on Steem. Other dapps include Steem Engine, a platform for issuing and trading Steem-based tokens; DTube, a decentralized platform for uploading and sharing video material; SteemPress, a WordPress plugin connecting WordPress and Steem; and more.

The Steem team is currently focusing on developing Smart Media Tokens, which will “will allow anyone to create their own token...and use those tokens to fundraise, monetize content, and grow their own social communities.” This is intended to help communities in the content creation space to launch their own tokens to support themselves and establish mutually beneficial mini-ecosystems.

Steem Witnesses Versus Justin Sun And Tron

4 Mar 2020 3 minute read 15 comments Scott Cunningham

You know crypto is becoming more centralized when exchanges take liquid funds and use them to illegitimately vote on the governance of chains that they have no stake in themselves. If that wasn’t bad enough, they are voting for the centralization of...

Creating the perfect Blockchain Game - A closer look at Splinterlands Economy

8 Apr 2020 7 minute read 5 comments Khazrakh

In my last article I was talking about the concept of Play to Earn and outlined the problems and obstacles faced by developers trying to implement it. I don't intend to only talk about what's not working though. Going forward I'll take a closer look...

Steem Has Hard Forked To Hive Blog. This Is What I Think About It.

22 Mar 2020 4 minute read 24 comments SkinnerCrypto

Whew, guys, let me tell you. This week has been one hell of a year. With all the bullshit going on around everywhere regarding COVID-19, the crypto Market crashing, the Traditional Markets crashing, you're hard pressed to find a glimmer of hope in mu...

Steemit Down and old Steem dead - How Justin Sun took over the Steem blockchain with the help of Binance, Poloniex and Huobi

2 Mar 2020 4 minute read 33 comments acesontop

Steemit Inc was bought a few weeks ago by Justin Sun, and implicitly Tron Foundation, and the reaction of the Steem community was not warm towards all of this at all. As a result the main witnesses have resorted to a softfork through which the stake...

Four Things CZ (Accidentally!) Warned Us About Crypto in the Steem Debacle

3 Mar 2020 4 minute read 13 comments TheDesertLynx

By now you are probably aware of what went down with Steem and Tron, but if not, I’ll give you a quick recap: Steemit, the popular blogging platform run on the Steem blockchain, was recently acquired by Justin Sun, the infamous founder of the Tron cr...

⚡️[New Dapps] Relax At Your Tokenized Home, Swap Tokens and Explore Music All Over The World In One Click

8 Jul 2020 3 minute read 5 comments

This week, we’d like to introduce you to some new dapps that will refresh and simplify your life: you can be connected to the music all over the world while staying at your tokenized home, and swap the earning into different tokens in one click. You...

What is DTube and What Can You Earn From it?

8 Jun 2020 1 minute read 2 comments

  In our previous article 7 YouTube Alternatives You Should Try, we introduced 7 decentralized Youtube dapps you should try. One of the most popular Youtube Alternatives is DTube.  So what is DTube, how does it differ from Youtube, and what will you...

Earn Money From Your Photos - APPICS

28 Mar 2020 1 minute read 20 comments fycee

You read it right! Earning money in as easy as taking photos of yourself, friends, places, inanimate objects and even former photos you had a long time ago. Just make sure it's yours and you're ready to start your career with us. The Beta-phase has a...

Creator Corner With Rachel Siegel

23 Feb 2020 1 minute read 16 comments Scott Cunningham

Rachel Siegel aka CryptoFinally and I recently spent an hour discussing Steem, her MTV crypto expert episode, and the many blockchain social dapps that we both use. Check it out! She also shares some interesting information about Uptrennd that many m...

Creator Corner: Talking About Steem With Lea Thompson

11 Feb 2020 1 minute read 3 comments Scott Cunningham

Lea Thompson aka Coruscate aka @GirlGone_Crypto is another awesome content creator who is prominent on Steem. We decided to jump on a video call and talk about Steem, the dapps we like and use, and where we think the market is headed in 2020. Some o...