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Statera (consisting of the STA and wSTA tokens) is a smart contract powered Pioneering Indexed Deflationary Ecosystem operating on the Ethereum and Fantom Network, which synergizes with a trustless and community-driven portfolio of class-leading cryptocurrencies.

Every trade for Statera creates arbitrage opportunities, which results in volume rippling across the entire Statera ecosystem, resulting in higher fees paid to liquidity providers. This is called Volume Farming.

  • Deflation. Statera's contract is designed so that for every transaction, 1% of the amount transacted is permanently destroyed, increasing positive price pressure.
  • Arbitrage. The composability of STA and wSTA allow for considerably more arbitrage opportunities, driving volume across the ecosystem.
  • Portfolio. By indexing a significant portion of tokens to a suite of blue chip cryptocurrencies, the market itself can drive price action.

Statera (STA) is the principal digital asset, which forms the cornerstone of our entire ecosystem. Through its deflationary mechanism it increases positive price pressure, and reduces volatility. Every time Statera has an on-chain transaction, 1% of transferred assets are permanently removed from circulation. STA has been natively bridged to the Fantom network, meaning that STA can only be minted when bridged from Ethereum, and continues to deflate with every transaction.

Wrapped Statera (wSTA) can only be minted by wrapping our native Statera token. The conversion process will always generate 99 wSTA from every 100 STA after deflation. wSTA can be safely implemented on third-party protocols (such as Balancer) while still retaining the ecosystem’s deflation through the STA token. Wrapped Statera can also be unminted at any time, returning STA to the holder.

The tokens on both the Fantom and Ethereum Network's can be stored by using Metamask. Here's how to set up Metamask for use on the Fantom Network. Then, use and interact with STA and WSTA tokens from your Metamask by adding them as custom tokens via these contracts:

STA: 0x89D5e71E275B4bE094Df9551627BCF4E3b24cE22

wSTA: 0xCEeBDE49eC95E21F7eE63C5c6f98CaB3519570de


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