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(IJCH) Improving Proof of Work WITHOUT Off-Chain Solutions - Part II: SPECTRE (or How to Solve Protocol Based Limitations WITHOUT Leaving the Main Chain)

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  Source (Base Source) Click here for Part I of this Trilogy "(IJCH) An Insultingly Brief Discussion about Why the GHOST Protocol was Created (or How to make use of the Proof of Work Outcasts)" IJCH - Inside JaiChai's Head (meaning: My warped, person...

November 2019

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Welcome to the November 2019 newsletter. We have been working hard to understand the changing cryptocurrency landscape and the upcoming, very tough, regulations that will be imposed on cryptocurrency businesses. Both exchanges, custodians, wallet pro...

Evaluation of Spectrecoin and other major privacy cryptocurrencies

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This article examines Spectrecoin’s privacy technology and analyses its properties compared to alternative implementations.       Introduction Since the creation of Bitcoin, numerous cryptocurrencies have been developed by enthusiasts from around the...