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What to BUY in this BEAR market that's under a PENNY

8 Feb 2019 James Elijah Braganza Morillo $3.00 (1,767.1389 HYDRO)

Let's be real, it is still a very long way before we a get to experience another meteoric bull run in this market. It's still 470 days (as of writing) before BTC halving so, we're nowhere near the midpoint. Historical movement analysis suggests furth...

A True Story of Crypto FOMO: 6 Telltale Signs You’ve Unearthed a Shitcoin

4 Feb 2019 BlockchainAuthor $0.55 (326.3176 HYDRO)

Looking for some light reading? Well, print this out, sit down, and stay for a while… It’s a bit embarrassing to admit, but my inaugural purchase of cryptocurrency wasn’t bitcoin or Ethereum or even NEO. Nope, I filled a bag with a shitcoin. I was si...