self recovery

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I chose to listen: Ravencoin and messages from the other side

10 Aug 2020 1 minute read 2 comments Average Jo

My Mother's maiden name was Black. She died in 2011. I was 41. Within two short years, it broke me. In April 2013, after choosing to stay, Bitcoin appeared to me. I bought one for $100. Thus began a five year trek into cryptoland that was filled with...

What do I bring to Publish0x, and what more can I add?

19 Apr 2020 1 minute read 2 comments ChippahFawkYeah

It surprised me the day I received the email from Publish0x saying my authorship application was APPROVED! To be truthful with you, I don't know too much about cryptocurrency. I know that I LOVE it, and that I am addicted to the financial gains it ca...

Russian research on sanogenesis, self recovery, fasting and asthma

1 Apr 2020 20 minute read 0 comments Heruvim78

As i said, just few words about sanogenesis, the link to fasting, starting the sanogenesis process and self recovery of some complex illnesses. They tried to start the human body self recovery process using fasting by itself or combined with other a...