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TokenWarriors – an in-depth overview

2 weeks ago casp0or $4.86 (905.3633 BNTY)

TokenWarriors is a funny browser-based game on the Ethereum blockchain. In the following article, I like to give you a brief overview on how to breed, fight, and succeed. We designed our frontend to be fully compatible with the Eth-Blockchain with au...

Playing Barbarian Prince Solitaire OSR as a Community-Driven RPG?

22 Mar 2019 aejackson $0.09 (17.4413 BNTY)

"Evil events have overtaken the Northlands. You -- Cal Arath, Barbarian Prince -- are in hiding and the usurper who killed your father, the Old King, now sits on his throne. Now you must flee south and raise enough gold by adventuring to equip an arm...