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AI–What is AI and why are we worried about our future?

25 May 2021 2 minute read 1 comment Suny Ag

Artificial Intelligence–Is it good for humans? When we think of Artificial Intelligence, our imagination reaches up to security, smart lighting, and domestic gadgets or at the most to driverless cars or at most at automation in advanced industry. We,...

Artificial Intelligence is the future of industrial growth

24 May 2021 5 minute read 1 comment Suny Ag

Artificial intelligence- How it helps in the industrial sector Until a couple of decades back, no one imagined that Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize the manufacturing sector if the industrial sector will change its way of working with a lot...

We are Just Sound, We are just Noise: A Day in the Circuit

23 Feb 2019 1 minute read 0 comments kennbmondo

This is not loveThis is not even worth a point of view In Echo Park, I Pause for effect and whisper ‘who are you?’    They crawl out of their holes for me And I die: You die Hear them laugh, watch them turn on me And I die: You die See my scars, they...