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Does Your Post Have Purpose?

16 Jan 2020 2 minute read TheSnarfy

Hello all! I've gained a decent amount of followers on the short time I have been here on Publish0x and I am stunned by how well everything is going. You are all engaging and fun people to interact with! But that leads me to the topic of this post. I...

Keeping my Website alive for 100 Years

21 Oct 2019 4 minute read cgboss

Eventually this blog ( will be lost. Just like all other digital media. I have been looking around at alternatives to host these webpages. One day I will stop writing. For a couple of reasons. I don't want to follow the internet conten...

How can we improve the Publish0x community?

17 Oct 2019 1 minute read ktn699

After lurking on Publish0x for a while and now having finally signed up for a formal account to start publishing my own material, I have a few observations and hope to start a conversation on how we can make this community stronger. First, it's impor...

You've Published a Book, Now What?

29 Aug 2019 5 minute read Hope E Davis

A lot of people don’t even make it so far to finish a book, let alone have it edited and published, so first, give yourself a pat on the back. Then I’m going to burst your bubble because your work is only starting.             There are a lot of misc...

The whole process of earning from Plublish0x || Best cryptoblog

14 Jul 2019 1 minute read saykot

CryptoBlog sites are like social media, where users post or earn up to level by publishing. Publish0x is a new name in the cryptoblog sector. Their site user interfaces, tip model, payment so that if you are new Earning will not be a problem. Publis...

Decentralizing The Monetization of Online Presence--A Glimpse

17 Mar 2019 4 minute read CryptoScrimper

The days of decentralizing online content and its monetization are upon us. Brave browser is already up and running with over six million active users. Publishers are already being tipped and paid out in Basic Attention Token, which soon will be wide...

What is the best time of day to publish on Publish0x?

16 Mar 2019 1 minute read profitofthegods

I may be committing the cardinal sin of article writing by using a question for my headlines and not having a definitive answer, but I do at least have some thoughts on the matter and I am hoping to start an interesting discussion. When writing for o...

My thoughts on improving Publish0x

9 Mar 2019 2 minute read profitofthegods

Over the years I have written articles for many different online publications. I began by writing for sites like Hubpages and Squidoo where I built up an income of over $1000 per month; since then I have run a few independent blogs and contributed to...

Give the Devil His Due

1 Mar 2019 1 minute read kennbmondo

Outake concept rough and final 2-page spread illustration I did many moons ago for Wired Magazine. The Creative director won in the end and ´The Temple of Amazonia' was chosen as the title for the article. Even back then, I thought the guy was kind...