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First Payment From Publish0x

1 day ago CryptoServices $0.20 (62.0583 BNTY)

First Payment From Publish0x a variety of science and the benefits of shared reading Publish0x Publish0x provides a wide range of knowledge which is really good, then growth in the communities Publish0x serves a range of knowledge as well as the lat...

$0 to $1000,000 DAYS 7 and 8/90 +$9.59

4 days ago SniperMax $0.21 (64.0403 BNTY)

$0 to $1000,000 DAY 7 and 8/90   Hey folks. I decided to combine days 7 and 8 as there was not much to write about, didnt do anything else than usuall and also had some tasks at home, so didnt really had a time to write. Things didnt change much, bal...

$0 to $1000,000 DAY 6/90 +$898.35

6 days ago SniperMax $0.04 (13.7898 BNTY)

$0 to $1000,000 DAY 6/90   Today is a really happy day for me as i netted first serious earnings, and also found more promising projects and bountyes to participate in. Hopefully i will have enough time to do them all. :)   BLCR team paid me 90 coins...

Second Payout Publish0x

1 week ago Claudio $0.46 (142.6585 BNTY)

Just a short update.    legit and good.    thanks to the publish0x team. 

$0 to $1000,000 DAY 5/90 + $1.21

1 week ago SniperMax $0.48 (146.4457 BNTY)

$0 to $1000,000 DAY 5/90   Folks, Gringos, i hope you have a great day/week/year :). I also hope you actually read my articles and enjoy them, maybe learn something new from them, as i like to read yours :) Also, if you know any good stuff to earn fr...

$0 to $1000,000 DAY 4/90 - $0.16 *First publish0x payment arrived today :)

1 week ago SniperMax $0.54 (167.6448 BNTY)

$0 to $1000,000 DAY 4/90   Hey guys. It is day 4 only and already im tired af :D. Started to think did i set the goal too high?? Nah...   So, what do i do at the moment. It was weekend, i spent most of the time at bars, pubs etc :) need to relax some...

First payout of publish0x

2 weeks ago Claudio $2.23 (684.8879 BNTY)

Hey :)   I just got my first payout of this site.  Want to show you that its working good. And all is legit :)      They pay out every monday. Im glad i found this site. its perfect to earn something in the bearmarket.      I just send it to my ETH...

The new Content Economy powered by blockchain - A list of platforms that allow you to earn tokens by creating, reading and curating content - PART 1

3 weeks ago Blockchain Enthusiast $0.09 (28.2052 BNTY)

  In next years we will face a social network revolution that will enable a content economy based on the token Economy powered by blockchain (or DLT technologies) where the data will be the next “fuel”. And this data can be provided by everyone! Als...

Gagnez des cryptos en écrivant des articles de blogs ou en lisant avec Publish0x

4 Jan 2019 Michel Sabiani $0.00 (0.9203 BNTY)

Publish0x est une plate-forme de micro-blogging qui récompense ceux qui écrivent, mais aussi ceux qui lisent. Les deux parties reçoivent chacune une part du « tip » (pourboire) en crypto-monnaie lorsqu'un utilisateur « like » un article. A vos tips !...

Publish0x Review + 200$ GIVEAWAY

29 Dec 2018 Andy Evan $2.25 (691.5865 BNTY) Hello! Check out my new video! Subscribe to my channel, leave a comment and like the video to have a chance to win $200 worth of ethereum!