Project Pai (PAI)

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Project Pai (PAI) is a cryptocurrency made by Alex Waters in 2017. Personal Artificial Intelligence, or PAI, is a decentralized network that enables humans to augment themselves and deploy their PAI avatars on the PAI blockchain-based platform. The PAI avatars are said to be intelligent 3D digitized avatars that are powered by AI and made from our online personalities.

As described by the team, the PAI avatars will function as the economic actors in the “Artificial Intelligence Economy”. This economy hosted on the PAI blockchain will supposedly be based on the monetization of users’ personal data and strengthen the PAI platform’s neural network.

Essentially, what PAI is attempting to do is solve some of the issues with the information based economy and digital identity systems by making them decentralized. The PAI platform was built to decentralize AI development from the ground up and allows users to monetize their online data through the creation of PAI avatars. Once a users PAI is created through verifying their identity, analyzing their voice, and sending in a selfie, it can grow and become smarter through artificial intelligence. 

A PAI will evolve based on its interaction with other PAIs, medical and financial data, use of loyalty programs, etc. All this data is collected and verified with exclusive permission of the PAI owner and when a user enables more data to be collected, they are rewarded with PAI tokens. All created PAI profiles are stored and managed on the PAI blockchain and decentralized applications and services supporting interactions with PAIs require payment of fees in PAI tokens. 

Project Pai has a total supply of 1,619,245,500 PAI and a circulating supply of 1,452,056,279 PAI.