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After the weekend crazy bullrun starts

5 days ago CEDCryptoCoin $0.15 (86.0472 HYDRO)

After the weekend crazy bullrun starts. Get ready and start making up for the buy-in.If this and the next week start up, nothing can stop us from another crazy Bullruncould the BTC go to 1500 - 2200 $? I think not anymorewe'll go higher and higher th...

Beam news

1 week ago CEDCryptoCoin $0.01 (5.3951 HYDRO)

Beam_News  Covering April 9th 2019 - April 15th 2019    Links   Blog   LinkedIn (not available)   Whitepaper (not available)   Bitcointalk   Reddit   Chat   Facebook (not available)   Telegram chat   Twitter   Github   $0.714542 USD (-3.77%) 0.000...

Reasons to Invest in BountyOx(BNTY) and Hydro(HYDRO) now

1 week ago Onlinedollars $0.05 (30.3185 HYDRO)

There a many cryptocurrency tokens and cryptocurrency coins in the market. However, the fear of the ability of such coins to continue has led to fear in the heart of some investors . But, there are still good coins to invest in which includes Bounty0...

Bitcoin should be worth $14,000+ RIGHT NOW - and you may be one of the reasons it isn't...

2 weeks ago The Global Crypto Press Association $0.11 (63.4176 HYDRO)

[An Official Report] CEO of the New York-based research company Fundstrat Global Advisors Tom Lee is known for making predictions, and throughout all of 2018 he was wrong every single time.  He swore he wouldn't make any more in...

VeChain Prediction price

10 Mar 2019 CEDCryptoCoin $0.04 (21.8414 HYDRO)

VeChain pump ?   I would like to offer an interesting option. as I see it for the appreciation of my finances Vechain - will now have a pump in the near days Long time consolidation and waiting to break 130 sats resistence.Targets : 140 , 150 , 160 s...

Bitcoin Mining and Energy

21 Dec 2018 maya $0.09 (53.4154 HYDRO)

I just had a chat with a friend, one from the list of Crypto Conversations, that we all have to have with people who don’t understand it. No, not the “but it isn’t backed by anything” one, or even the “surely it’s for drug dealers and terrorists” one...

We know what the Institutions are saying, but what are they doing?

17 Dec 2018 Joel Kovshoff $4.76 (2,832.5751 HYDRO)

Many of us hear that institutions are buying tons of BTC, XRP and other top 20 cryptocurrencies.  The thing is how much truth really is there to that, when we cannot even see the market moving in any direction other than on a downtrend. Right now, ma...

Bitcoin's price movements and what to expect by the end of 2018

23 Oct 2018 Dare Shonubi $1.80 (1,071.4071 HYDRO)

As at present, though relatively higher than the price seen in the first half of 2017, the price of Bitcoin has shown little or no promises of the highly predicted 100k USD by the end of 2018. This therefore begs the question- "Is it too late to buy...

Price Pump or Pre Bull Run?

2 weeks ago Darren Claxton $0.01 (5.8821 HYDRO)

Was it just a pump and dump or is it the pre Bull Run we're all longing for?

Bounty0x status on 11/03/19

11 Mar 2019 Mr.Miner $0.01 (5.7684 HYDRO)