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Proof-of-Work vs Proof-of-Stake: What Is the Difference?

2 May 2024 6 minute read 1 comment StealthEX

Proof-of-Work vs Proof-of-Stake. With the revolutionary technology known as blockchain, the digital world has entered a new phase of decentralization, transparency, and trust. Fundamentally, a distributed ledger is a safe and impervious to tampering...

Major hack for passive income! STAKING: Your solution to produce passive income.

26 Dec 2022 5 minute read 1 comment elena_did

  The crypto space  has been growing so much lately that more and more investors are showing a high interest in the amazing technology behind this industry.   This technology called blockchain, although at its core it has a complex structure, it has...

Babylon: Is This Bitcoin Staking Protocol Changing the Game? What You Need to Know!

1 Mar 2024 2 minute read 1 comment Cryptofab

I know that most of you are Bitcoin lovers like me, and we absolutely do not want to put our Bitcoin on any protocol built by a company. So, when I first heard about Babylon, I was more than skeptical — as usual. That's why I delved into their Litepa...

Unlocking Profit: Key Strategies for Successful Cryptocurrency Staking

20 Feb 2024 1 minute read 0 comments Anarkos

Cryptocurrency staking has surged in popularity as an avenue for investors to generate passive income while contributing to the security and efficiency of blockchain networks. Unlike traditional interest-earning methods, staking involves actively par...

A Paradigm Shift: Introducing Callisto Network Proof of Stake Monetary Policy

30 Jun 2023 7 minute read 0 comments Callisto Network

Abstract Callisto Network is transitioning to Proof of Stake consensus for enhanced energy efficiency and security. In this proposal, we present the changes in the Monetary Policy (MP) towards encouraging the further decentralization of the network w...

“Proof-Of-Stake Is Ridiculous”: Exclusive Interview with Bitcoin Core Developer and Educator Jimmy Song

27 Nov 2022 5 minute read 15 comments Mike Ermolaev

During Satsconf, a Bitcoin networking and content festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil, I was fortunate to talk with Jimmy Song, one of the world's most knowledgeable Bitcoin experts. Jimmy has been teaching and advocating Bitcoin globally for 11 years as a...

I Will Eventually Flip Bullish On ETH... Just Not Yet!

15 Sep 2022 3 minute read 1 comment Sapphire Crypto

It’s No Secret My regular readers will know that I have not placed much hope in a Merge rally. I went short just below $2K during the recent pump. I have consistently opened new shorts at various levels since then. It’s not that I don’t see value or...

Ethereum's long-awaited merge to proof-of-stake is finally here!

15 Sep 2022 2 minute read 0 comments CryptoJD

Welcome to the new era of Ethereum!🎉🎉🎉 On September 15th, at 06:42:42 UTC, the long-awaited Merge saw the merging of the Ethereum Mainnet execution layer and the Beacon Chain's consensus layer at the Terminal Total Difficulty of 58750000000000000...

How the Ethereum Merge Will Help to Lower Gas Fees | WIN a chance of 1 ETH!

14 Sep 2022 4 minute read 0 comments CryptoJD

The ETH Merge has been a long-awaited event for a while now. It's basically the most significant upgrade in ETH's history so far. This will mark the end of proof-of-work for Ethereum, and the full transition to proof-of-stake. The Merge is an importa...

Algorand World Cup Pump?

8 Aug 2022 2 minute read 0 comments 8bitb4rt

Algorand is a proof-of stake blockchain created in 2017 by MIT professor Silvio Micali. Seriously, click on this link and read about Mr. Micali, he is one of the smartest people in the room. Algorand or Algo is carbon negative blockchain that runs on...