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Polygon has an aim to transform Ethereum into a multi-chain ecosystem with secured Layer 2 chains & standalone chains.

22 DEC 2022 (WED)- Aave (AAVE) Report Card

22 Dec 2021 5 minute read 3 comments quantdoge

Investment Disclaimer: I am not a registered investment, legal, or tax adviser or a broker/dealer, and all opinions expressed by me are from my research for educational purposes only. Past performance presented here is not an indicator of future per...

Solving the Sneaker Resale Market using Polygon SDK

20 Aug 2021 10 minute read 2 comments YJN58

Overview The global sneaker resale market is worth $2 Billion and will grow to $5 Billion by 2025. It currently faces several problems ranging from liquidity, counterfeits, capital efficiency and high cost of participation in the resale market. A buy...

Top 3 Polygon Ecosystem Crypto Tokens

15 Oct 2021 2 minute read 3 comments Heath Muchena

Polygon (MATIC) Formerly known as Matic Network, Polygon is a protocol that was created in order to facilitate the creation and connection of blockchain networks compatible with Ethereum. Polygon is designed for aggregating scalable solutions on the...

How to Use Polygon Based DEFI Dex Dfyn Network to Provide Liquidity to WBTC-ETH Pair and Earn Awesome 43% APR in Interest

5 Nov 2021 7 minute read 0 comments Charles Gune

I will explain how I send $100 USD from directly linked bank account to Polygon Based dfyn.network to invest on WBTC-ETH liquidity pair and earn mouth watering 43% APR in interest.  Instead of keeping your ETH and BTC on centralized exchange and not...

Harvest Rolls Out 4 New Polygon and 1 New Ethereum Farms!

26 Oct 2021 1 minute read 2 comments Cje95

This morning much to my surprise Harvest released 5 new farms across two blockchains! You have to love to see this as the team continues to develop and roll out new farms and build up its presence on other chains besides Ethereum! Being a multi-chain...

Top 10 Aspiring Crypto Coins for October

30 Sep 2021 6 minute read 5 comments pheonixdown-dee

In this article I will take a look at ten cryptocurrencies that have interesting developments lined up for the month of October, which could also have a positive effect on their price. I have also picked a mixture of some larger marketcaps to some sm...

SuperUMAns #31 - Tetu KPI options and my passive income

12 Aug 2022 3 minute read 0 comments PVMihalache

We had an amazing party at the end of Q2 and we went back to work after. Quarter 3 of 2022 is about rasing the TVL and the implementation of Outcome tools. Risk Labs, the team behind UMA and AcrossProtocol launched Outcome Finance to help DAOs that...

Superumans #28 - Using Tetu for UMA powered DeFi earnings

31 May 2022 2 minute read 1 comment PVMihalache

I claimed my suINT in April, and had to do something with this bag of Polygon UMA. As a miracle, the UMA & Tetu partnership was announced. Risk Labs has funded an UMA - USDC LP and suddenly UMA could be used for yield farming. This pool had innovativ...

Harvest's Farms Are BOOMING!

5 Nov 2021 1 minute read 1 comment Cje95

While I do not know a ton about Forex trading it is safe to say the farms powered by the Jarvis Network are booming, to say the least! Earlier this morning the deposits on Harvest Finance's Jarvis Network farms exceeded $5 million in TLV! This is hug...

Polygon is Broken (And Here Exactly Why...)

6 Jan 2022 2 minute read 7 comments LiteLiger

Polygon's Underlining Issues and Artificial Hype Recent outcry and drama regarding #Polgyon congestion made me decide to do a bit of an informational video & article about Polygon and its core design problems. If you are unfamiliar with what has con...