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PlayChip (PLA) is a cryptocurrency made by the PlayChip foundation founded by Daniel Simic in 2018. It is a blockchain enabled fantasy sports, online sports betting and gaming ecosystem. The project aims to deliver the world’s biggest incentivised, blockchain-enabled sports community and gaming ecosystem.

Underpinning this gaming ecosystem will be the PlayChip (PLA) token, a cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum blockchain designed to be the universal payment and rewards system for gaming and betting. According to the PlayChip foundation, PlayChip’s gaming ecosystem already consists of six wagering platforms with a user base of over 500,000 people across 70 different countries. The top industry players PlayChip is said to be already partnered with include DraftStars, TopBetta, ClassicBet and PlayUp.

According to the projects website, the PlayChip (PLA) cryptocurrency already has multiple use cases in the ecosystem such as rewards, payments and bets which is all powered through the PlayXchange platform. The PlayXchange platform serves the entire PlayChip ecosystem and gaming economy. Users can buy and sell PLA tokens, place bets, and interact with other PlayChip users on the PlayXchange platform. This platform is integrated with the tokens proprietary crypto wallet, PlayWallet, which features low-cost transactions and real time balance and withdrawal information.

Moreover, the PlayChip foundation claims to offer blockchain-enabled solutions built for the global gaming industry and says they are working with wagering operators, casino operators, game developers, and e-sports platforms. However, it appears that the PlayChip token is not yet being utilized in any real gaming platforms other than the PlayXchange.

The PlayChip (PLA) cryptocurrency has a total supply of 50,000,000,000 PLA and a circulating supply of 14,009,105,693 PLA. 

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