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Planting Seeds and Thinking Crypto

25 Feb 2022 4 minute read 0 comments lordneroo

It's spring season in dCrops again, and this time around things are looking much better for my crop factory. All farmlands are occupied and I still have a bunch of common seeds waiting for their turn. They will be entering the fray in 6 days from now...


24 Feb 2022 1 minute read 1 comment magicodoz

Hi, for the social media challenge of this week i want to ask you guys, why you start playing Splinterlands. I begin! I always played cards game like megic, pokemon, hearthstone... during my childhood. Four years ago i discovered the world of crypt...

🚀 Hoglympics $HOGS 👉 A next-gen metaverse project incorporating esports with blockchain, NFTs, and DeFi to produce immersive, PlayToEarn Olympic Games.

24 Feb 2022 1 minute read 0 comments FreedomBuilder

  🏦 $HOGS is listed on CMC: 🎁 Total Reward pool: $25,000 worth of HOGS for 2000 Random Participants + Top 50 👉 Start Hoglympics Airdrop Bot & complete Social tasks.


24 Feb 2022 3 minute read 0 comments T Block

Looking for a good tank in the World of Cryptoids? Look no further, Food Cryptoid might be your best choice to protect your team from harm's way. So why Food Cryptoid, you asked? Here are some reasons why you should pick Food Cryptoid as your tank? G...

Splinterlands Share Your Battle: Psychic Goblin FTW

24 Feb 2022 2 minute read 0 comments ProfessorLove

I saw this week's Splinterlands' Share Your Battle Weekly challenge and I wanted to try my luck using this particular lineup. For this week's challenge, the theme is Psychic Goblin. Edition: CHAOS LEGIONRarity: COMMONElement: EARTHAttack: MAGICAbili...

Back to earning 100,000 DEC a day. So, it seems nothing has happened in the last five months. Right .. ?

24 Feb 2022 12 minute read 0 comments a legendary canary

1. Down 50% off the highs i) But still smiling Of course plenty has indeed happened between my last post in September 2021 and this post in February 2022. It is just amusing that if all we had to rely upon was my last post back in September, we woul...

UEFA Champions League is back - Tropical Finance joins the Club1BCH Fantasy Football League🍹

24 Feb 2022 2 minute read 1 comment PVMihalache

The UEFA Champions League is back and the Club1BCH Fantasy Football competition will bring even more @SmartBCH tokens for successful managers as Tropical Finance joins the league! The leaderboard was very competitive before the knock-out stage start...

The RisingStar Record - Issue no. 26 - 24 February 2021 - Bit late on the publication but how are the metrics?

24 Feb 2022 1 minute read 0 comments Silver Crypto

From missing a week previously to being a bit late this week - got to get back on schedule with the RisingStar Record and keep that Music Career going. Another week (and a couple of days) has passed...

Splinterlands Weekly Battle Theme: Deeplurker

24 Feb 2022 4 minute read 2 comments ProfessorLove

It has been a while since I have played my Splinterlands game. I was away from it because I kind of gave up on playing it since I can't really seem to win now. That's since when the free usable cards were changed. Back then, using the old free cards,...

Splinterland's Battle Challenge: Deeplurker.

23 Feb 2022 1 minute read 0 comments Rajat G

  Splinterland's Battle Challenge: Deeplurker. For me , Water Splinter is predominated by the magic monster and so using a melee monster is little rare for me but I find this monster stats powerful as it has "opportunity" ability with 3 attack.   So...