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Second Publish0x payout, to the exchange account

26 Feb 2019 shadowofsatoshi $0.29 (170.2024 HYDRO)

Hello everyone, aftery my first payout, I tried to do another withdrawal from the platform, to be sure, that its working properly also to the exchange, not just an Ethereum wallet. And it went through as stated! This is a positive infor...

Second Payout Publish0x

13 Feb 2019 Claudio $0.18 (107.3369 HYDRO)

Just a short update.    legit and good.    thanks to the publish0x team.

First payout of publish0x

4 Feb 2019 Claudio $3.57 (2,131.9534 HYDRO)

Hey :)   I just got my first payout of this site.  Want to show you that its working good. And all is legit :)      They pay out every monday. Im glad i found this site. its perfect to earn something in the bearmarket.      I just send it to my ETH...