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Odem Coin (ODE) is a cryptocurrency founded by Richard Maaghul, Johanna Maaghul and Adel ELMessiry in 2017. It is a decentralized blockchain-based educational marketplace that connects students, educators and service producers to engage in online and in-person educational programs.

Built on Ethereum, the Odem platform plans to reduce costs and improve the access associated with gaining an education on a worldwide scale. They plan to put the entire education credentials for their students and educators on the blockchain through their platform making them easily verifiable and accessible. Both students and educators share credentials in Ethereum Smart Contracts which validates the courses taken - providing trust for both students and educators. The Odem Platform is mainly focused on providing a P2P, end-to-end, in-person education that is fully customizable to the student's needs.

On the platform, students may choose their classes and save their transaction history securely on the blockchain. This allows the student to have a complete record of academic performance and certificates on the blockchain making it easy for any future employer to assess in a decentralized manner. The fact that data is immutable on the blockchain will allow any institute to be 100% certain that the certificate provided by the student is genuine.

The platform also uses a Program Generator that employs artificial intelligence to discover and patch service providers with students based on pre-set requirements. The introduction of the AI reduces any costs associated with matching these parties manually as traditional systems do today.

ODE is the ERC-20 cryptocurrency that powers the entire platform. It is used by students to enroll in courses and to pay for classes. It is also used by service providers and educators to reserve network space for any classes the wish to create and offer to students on the platform.

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