Nash Exchange (NEX)

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Nash Exchange (NEX) is a cryptocurrency made by five open-source blockchain developers on three different continents in 2017. It’s an exchange token based on the NEO blockchain and is utilized by Nash, a fintech company using blockchain infrastructure for the digital finance space. 

Nash has various financial products and services including Nash Exchange (a decentralized  exchange), Nash Mobile (a mobile wallet and trading app), Nash Extension (a browser-based wallet), and Nash Pay (a digital asset payment processor for merchants). 

Currently, holders of the Nash (NEX) tokens can stake their tokens to receive a share of exchange fees. This unique value proposition has made NEX Europe's first digital security and is paving the way for an exciting new asset class. NEX token stakers can earn a base fee-share rate of 25%, with the rate increasing to 75% if you stake for two years.

The main product of Nash is their decentralized digital asset exchange (DEX) that reportedly combines the security of blockchain technology with the speed and functionality of centralized exchange services. The Nash Exchange enables users to control their funds at all times as a user's private keys stay encrypted on their computer, not on the exchange’s servers. Also, Nash features a proprietary distributed off-chain matching engine which enables fast and secure trading. Moreover, Nash Exchange is the first DEX with fiat on- and off-ramps due to Nash’s global network of banking partners, and it also facilitates cross-chain trading for some of the largest digital assets. 

The Nash Exchange token (NEX) has a total supply of 56,296,100 tokens and a circulating supply of 36,196,678 tokens.

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