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Newbie's 5-Point Guide To Personal Branding 🗣️🤳 (how to market yourself in an age of high-budget advertising)

4 weeks ago 5 minute read StuffBySpencer $0.08 tipped   Personal Branding, a.k.a. how to sell yourself... in the good way Personal branding shouldn't be too hard to breakdown & understand what it is. Branding yourself, rather than branding for a large faceless company. However, while it may...

Major marketing mistake in still-working good altcoin projects.

7 Nov 2019 1 minute read Snow Under Sun $0.36 tipped

Some altcoin projects are scam or their team already gave up developing project. So many of them and I have no words about these kind of in-coma projects.   There are few still working altcoin projects in this no-cash entry period . They are active i...