Lina (LINA)

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Lina (LINA) is a network made by Mitchell Pham in 2017. It is a decentralized platform, built on top of Ethereum, for the aim of blockchain-based applications for innovation.

LINA is a platform that will bring innovations such as healthcare, supplychain management, identity management and reviews to the blockchain on an enterprise level. The team over at LINA is trying to create mainstream applications that aim to bring mass adoption to the blockchain.

LINA Review is a platform to bring the multi-billion dollar review industry to the blockchain. In today’s society, reviews help to drive consumption as users are likely to purchase when they see other users have good things to say. However, the review industry is not transparent and reviews are often created by fake accounts to boost sales. LINA Review intends to create a platform in which reviews can be trusted as they are completely transparent and can be tracked each time an edit is made. LINA Review plans to incorporate systems to circumvent fake accounts creating reviews by introducing KYC to their platform. Furthermore, users will be able to review other reviews and will receive LINA as a reward for remaining honest.

LINA also plans to change the Supply Chain Industry by providing a supply chain management application. Introducing blockchain to supply chain management will greatly increase efficiency and reliability. Raw materials will be able to be traced from processing, manufacturing, and transportation. Customers will benefit from the knowledge of knowing their product is authentic. LINA has signed contracts with many South-East Asian countries to provide supply chain solutions moving forward.

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