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KuCoin Token (KCS) is the native token of KuCoin, a world-leading cryptocurrency exchange, that came out back in 2017. The initial total supply of KCS was set at 200 million, and its final supply is planned to stabilize at 100 million through a buyback and burn mechanism. With the vision of “from geeks to mass adoption”, KCS is building a blockchain-based value self-circulation ecosystem and connecting the world of both centralization and decentralization to build a robust Web 3.0 ecosystem for everyone to access with ease. 

As the native token of KuCoin, KCS allows its holders to share the growth benefit of KuCoin. Hold at least 6 KCS tokens qualify for a daily reward that comes from KuCoin’s daily trading fee revenue. In addition, KCS is also a utility token that has a lot of use cases including getting a 20% trading fee discount on KuCoin, participating in Spotlight and BurningDrop, booking a trip on Travala and more. 

Another important milestone for KCS is the development of KCC, which is a decentralized public chain built by the fans of KCS and KuCoin’s fan communities. KCS is native token and the only fuel for KCC, which can be used to pay gas fees and support the development of projects built on KCC.  

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