Jarvis Network (JRT)

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Jarvis Network is a set of protocols on the Ethereum network that allows anyone to become a broker by creating liquidity pools. In addition to creating liquidity pools, users can also execute trades for derivatives and synthetic assets.

The project was founded in 2016 by Pascal Tallarida, who is the project’s CEO. Executive members of the 12-member team include Petar Kirov as the project’s CTO, Stefani Todorova as PR Manager and Iliyan Iliev as the Product Manager. 

The project works on two main products, an exchange called Jarvis Market and Jarvis wallet. However, Jarvis Network has described itself as less of an exchange and more as a gateway to various financial services. A range of applications can be linked to the Jarvis Market, allowing users to directly make purchases on platforms like Amazon with trade profits gained on the exchange. The network supports both fiat and crypto assets, which are fully fungible and interoperable.

Development began a few years following the founding, with the testnet officially released in Q3 2019. The next quarter focused on security audits and more rounds of testing, which culminated in the release of the mainnet, ‘Venezia’, in Q1 2020. The team is currently working on the next phase of the project, ‘Bled’, which is a synthetic protocol that features interest-bearing synthetic euros, pounds, and swiss francs using Chainlink (LINK) and UMA. It is slated for launch in Q3 2020. 

The project has secured a handful of partnerships. Most notably, it has partnered with Celsius Network to let users earn interest on their funds. It has also partnered with Uptrennd, Blackmoon Financial Group, and Daneel.

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