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Alt-C, The Sustainable Powered by Plants Mining Innovation

17 Mar 2019 FknMayhem $0.02 (10.8127 HYDRO)

We all know the issue with BTC, and many other coins: mining uses electricity. Lots of electricity. Luckily, always more data centers are switching to green electricity but things can never be enough in this global warming and climate change era.Don’...

BANANO April 1 Update: Kalium Release & MonkeyTalks On-Chain Messaging Announcement

3 weeks ago banano $1.58 (944.7212 HYDRO)

April 1st basically is the BANANO Republic national holiday. Our our Main-Net started exactly one year ago, on April 1, 2018. This means today is BANANO’s very first birthday, and of course we have some exciting news to properly celebrate this! You’...