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Harvest automatically farms the highest yields in DeFi. #BreadForThePeople

3 Lucrative DeFi Projects with Low Supply & Marketcap To Watch in 2021

3 Dec 2020 5 minute read 8 comments kevW!ls0n

Do you know why crypto newcomers are more interested in XRP rather than Bitcoin? It’s because of XRP’s price. It looks visually low and many think it can go up as high as Bitcoin.  They are so wrong.  Newcomers have no idea about a token's supply. Th...

November Residual Income Report: A new king in town!

2 Dec 2020 6 minute read 37 comments PVMihalache

In October, Publish0x was my financial advisor and my part time job, bringing more than half of the whole monthly income. Will November be the month when my residual income will stop over-achieving the previous month or I still managed to pull some t...

November crypto-harvest

2 Dec 2020 2 minute read 8 comments Steven_BA

Since the beginning of my entire experience in crypto, November has been the most challenging and dedicated to crypto-research, as long as I had more spare time than even. Thus, it has been the most awarding so far. It's hard to keep track to all my...

Harvest Finance 'Farm Arts' Creativity Contest ROUND 4 - FESTIVE EDITION

29 Nov 2020 2 minute read 3 comments Farmer Chad

Farmers! The Harvest team thanks you for taking the time to participate in our  Creativity Competition, “Surviving a Harsh Winter on the Farm”. Once again, we were astounded by the number of amazing entries that came in. Chad's feeling festive- 'tis...

Unexpected Fallout From Crypto’s Pullback

29 Nov 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Cje95

When the Bitcoin pullback began and continued to occur I began to analyze it as a time to renter some coins I had sold out of. As the market has been still dealt with sell-side pressure I recently have been caught off guard by a issue with this. Stab...

Week 13 — A Season of Many Thanks to our Amazing Community

25 Nov 2020 6 minute read 0 comments Farmer Chad

🙏 For many farmers and Chads in North America, this week marks a time to give thanks and reflect on the wonderful community we have. From the Developer Creativity Contest winners to the Writing Contest winners, it’s the wit and passion our community...

Harvest Finance: The Easiest On-ramp to DeFi

25 Nov 2020 2 minute read 0 comments Cje95

My experience with DeFi before I used Harvest left a lot to be desired but since I was using Compound Finance though the Coinbase Wallet App.   If anyone was wondering the Coinbase Wallet app is awful. While simple and easy to use somehow the “gas” f...

Harvest Finance, $FARM and the new generation of farmers

23 Nov 2020 2 minute read 18 comments PVMihalache

Harvest Finance goal is not only give bread to the farmers by automatically farming the highest yields, but also to help them discover the best farming options available on the DeFi fields. Chad's Seasonal Crop Rotation contains four new Sushiswap st...

Harvest Finance and the Harsh Winter

23 Nov 2020 2 minute read 4 comments Steven_BA

Hello guys,  Another round of the Creativity Contest. What does it mean? Another article about Harvest Finance.  Since I've heard for the first time about Harvest.Finance, the subject continued to be worth to follow. I did research, I asked friends a...

Surviving a Harsh Winter on the Farm - Story of Chad Farmer

22 Nov 2020 5 minute read 7 comments paragism

  The surge of a storm is flexing the trees tonight. Chad doesn’t want to sleep now. He wants to see the thunder. Hail often takes the throne as winter arrives in the valley. Chad likes to read a poem to himself in the middle of the night sometimes....