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Harvest automatically farms the highest yields in DeFi. #BreadForThePeople

Staking Wrapped Banano (wBan) on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Part 2: Staking

16 Oct 2021 4 minute read 1 comment SpoilerAlert

Before you read this, don’t forget to sign up for a free publish0x account to earn free crypto just for reading articles. Claim and/or tip at the bottom of each post. Hi again and welcome to Part 2 of our series on wrapping and staking Banano on Bina...

Add FARM Token to Metamask

27 Mar 2021 1 minute read 7 comments Cryptowido

Hello,  This is a an answer for Chadayan and his post : How to get a FARM address in MetamaskJust in case, you did not find an answer and may be others are interested too. First visit : or a similar siteThere are many links like this in...

August 2021 #Publish0x Ambassadors Leaderboards Contest Winners: $190 in $FARM Rewarded to Top 18 Ambassadors!

21 Sep 2021 1 minute read 12 comments Igor Tomić

September is nearing it's last week, and that means that it's time to reward the most active ambassadors for August! Thank you all for participating in the Ambassador's Monthly Leaderboard Completion, and congratulations to the winners!   *I feel thi...

$FARM vs $iFARM vs $fASSET - The Ultimate Guide

1 Mar 2021 4 minute read 10 comments paulOf91

Harvest Finance is a platform for automated yield-farming. It’s the largest automated yield-farming aggregator in DeFi and consistently delivers new farming strategies with new tokens to ensure its users always have access to the highest yields in De...

Harvest Fires New Farming Strategies Like a Machine Gun

22 Jan 2021 5 minute read 6 comments paulOf91

Not so long ago, I described these four luxurious strategies that Harvest Finance recently integrated into their platform. Well, it seems that Harvest Finance is back and, this time, they are firing new farming strategies out like a machine gun. This...

June 2021 #Publish0x Payout Report: We've Sent $14,957.68 Worth of $AMPL, $iFARM, and $ETH!

1 Jul 2021 2 minute read 36 comments Igor Tomić

Another month, another payout. And not one that's too shabby either! *All of the Publish0x Monthly Payout Reports can be read from here, or via our official blog. In June, we've sent a total of $14,957.68 worth of AMPL, iFARM, and ETH. We've sent 4,...

🧮 You can learn math with AMPL and FARM 💳

17 Sep 2021 2 minute read 10 comments mabc95

I was surfing Publish0x in a hide and seek game for inspiration, and giving my five daily tips, when I thought that Publish0x rewards are a good approach to teach 2x2 system of linear equations. Please, do not judge me; I am a math lover with an exce...

Future Harvest Expansion on the Horizen

16 Nov 2021 2 minute read 0 comments Cje95

Last week Harvest and Idle Finance announced what I feel is a HUGE development for Harvest's Polygon (MATIC) blockchain arm. The partnership between Harvest and Idle goes back quite a ways and Idle is used along with Compound for Harvest's Ethereum b...

Experiment: I use Publish0x to make a million - Week #5

3 Sep 2021 1 minute read 7 comments Austras

A slightly more postitive endeavor for my wallet. I've been using Publish0x for the better part of 2 months and have started to gather a slightly notable amount of rewards, and I'll be doing an experiment.  All the rewards I am getting I will be usin...

December Publish0x Ambassadors Leaderboards Contest Completed: $160 in $FARM Rewarded!

21 Jan 2021 1 minute read 18 comments Igor Tomić

Thank you to all of our ambassadors for spreading the word about Publish0x! It's time to reward those of you who have referred the most active* new users to Publish0x in December of last year. :) *I feel this needs clearing up: For the Leaderboards C...