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NEX exchange, BTC & NASH giveaway!

20 Feb 2019 1 minute read 0 comments CryptoFallen

NEX exchange has rebranded to Nash and are doing a giveaway only accessible by referral program! Definitely worth a look to be in the winning for some NASH & BTC :)


2 Jan 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Andy Evan

Hello! Check it out, their VIP group results reach even 600% a day!  

Publish0x Review + 200$ GIVEAWAY

29 Dec 2018 1 minute read 1 comment Andy Evan Hello! Check out my new video! Subscribe to my channel, leave a comment and like the video to have a chance to win $200 worth of ethereum!

Solana x Huobi Airdrop

4 Dec 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Freecoins24

About: Solana x Huobi Airdrop is live! Solana is a high-speed single-layer blockchain, currently supporting peak capacity of 65k transactions per second and 400ms block times in a globally distributed network with more than 70 nodes. Solana x...

Earn FREE Nervos tokens ($CKB) through Coinmarketcap Learn & Earn

3 Mar 2021 2 minute read 1 comment Kuroshio

Coinmarketcap is holding another token giveaway, this time for a project called Nervos. The Learn & Earn program on Coinmarketcap involves watching videos, reading about, and  then answering a quiz about a new crypto project, participants are then re...

🎉 2 Blockchain Projects with Exciting Token Airdrop Programs Recently

24 Feb 2021 4 minute read 0 comments

Badger DAO, Mirror Protocol … so many promising blockchain projects that we introduced at an early stage have soon developed and grown successfully. Their token prices even went up 20x than the time we first wrote about them. Here comes another 2 pr...

Xend Finance and Polygon Community Giveaway

5 Mar 2021 1 minute read 0 comments Lebonsamaritain

   Xend Finance and Polygon Community Giveaway 💵Prize Pool of $1,500 Rewards in $XEND & $MATIC Tokens☁️To Start Click Here💧Do Social Tasks💧Earn Points💧Done#Airdrops #Airdrop #AirdropAlert #CryptoPH #CryptoPHCo

Krypton from the periodic table or a superhero - The Periodic Elements NFT (GIVEAWAY)

23 Feb 2021 2 minute read 170 comments Robertoit

Krypton is a chemical element with the symbol Kr and atomic number 36. It is the last element of period 4 (row 4) of the periodic table. It belongs to the group of noble gases, is colorless and is present in traces in the atmosphere.  Krypton is one...

🪂 This Ethereum Layer 2 DEX Will Airdrop 80M Tokens. How To Get It?

23 Feb 2021 3 minute read 0 comments

  Ethereum Layer 2 project ZKSwap will airdrop 80 million ZKS tokens to Layer1 and Layer2 ZKS holders.    According to the project team’s medium, in order to promote Ethereum users’ awareness of layer2, and attract more users to migrate to ZKSwap’s...

WikiBit Airdrop

3 Feb 2021 1 minute read 0 comments Freecoins24

 About:  WikiBit Airdrop is live!  WikiBit is a project that establishes an authentic and reliable credit database system with wide coverage by connecting various credit data in series   based on big-data multidimensional risk assessment and b...